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December 12, 2013


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I have always admired this pattern. Your quilt looks great!

Laila Kristin Skauge

Your quilt looks so great! You're not alone being away from Blogland. I've been neglecting my blog, but really missed Blogland between my posts. I use facebook and IG all the time, it's a bit more easier than writing blog posts, but I must admit I think it's sad we don't share that many posts in Blogland. I've decided to write posts more often, I really love the comments and visits from my fellow quilter friends.


Stunning! Amazing!


A YEAR!!!! Whatever is a SW to do with you. I'm seriously agrieved that you and SW1 have moved over to IG -- Slutting Around, that's what I call it. Hubby and I are thinking about demoting you two. Speaking of Hubby, did you see that he's coming back in January???

Miss Jean

Yay, you're back!!!


LOVE it! I found you by accident again. I was considering that perhaps it was witness protection that lured you away but glad to know it was just life. It happens. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I think of you each time I used my tea things!

Sew Create It - Jane

Welcome back! Love the quilt it looks fab!!


I love your quilt and your hotpad....
I do miss you being on here
Yes, life can get overwhelming....
I just go back and look @ your past work all the time........ Life is overwhelming right now for me too. I need to escape right now & your blog does it for me..God Bless...

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