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October 19, 2012


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Hey Lauren, love this post.. your mam sure sounds like an awesome mother to have ... I would like to see the ' vampoodle' though, sounds very interesting. Thank you for making me smile :-)


Hahaha! You're absolutely fantastic and so is your mom. Sounds a bit wacky but that's what makes her so special! You should have your own segment here. You can call it "tales of the wacky woman we call mom!" ^_____^

Diane Steele

Lauren, you're ready for your own blog!! VERY entertaining!!


Great post, Lauren. You're even funnier than your mom!
Please tell your mom that I have missed her blog posts. Even the ones about wierd dolls.


Lauren - A fabulous post!!! You are lucky to have such a quirky and funny mom and she is lucky to have such a wonderfully funny and articulate child. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Love the post. We have a lot in common, actually. Well of course. And your daughter has a lot in common with mine. Except the doll thing. I wish I had more. And I'm not as good a mom to sit and watch my kids for hours at dance. Bad me. You're Funny. Very cute. I think I'd be afraid of what my girls would write about me.

Jayme C

Omg, you need to start your own blog, because you're freaking hilarious!!! I can't imagine how hard you will make people laugh when you're 21 and have more life experience!! Please please please, tell your mom to let us all know when you start your blog!!! Or write a book. In fact, you should write a book for teenagers about teenage life, and even tho I'm 28 (on Sunday) I'd still go out and buy it, and read it. Because I still wish I were a teenager...sometimes.


Great stuff! I am going to use that one about the grapes on my kids...also, I used to cut up their hot dogs!
Thanks for the laughs!
P.S. This was a nicer way to make fun of your mom that what my kids did: they put something I said on one of those "stupid things my parents say" sites and...apparently my saying was voted the "best." Or, at least that is how I choose to think of it!


O Lauren,I love that!!!! So wonderful, you wrote this post about your lovely mom. I laughed out so much while reading!!!!
Sabine xxxxxx

Kara @me_and_elna

Oh my gosh, I effing love this. :)


Great post Lauren. Thanks for sharing.


Super post! Looking forward to more!!

Gloria Martin

i've always enjoyed reading your mom's posts and was excited to see that there was a current post on her blog. then i began to read it and found it extremely entertaining and hilarious. because i too am the mother of two girls that like to poke fun at me from time to time,(meaning ALL the time) but they are grown now and no longer live at home and I miss them teasing me and saying things like "mom, you're weird" or "mom, you're so cute". I loved your list and look forward to more posts from you. but please tell your mom I miss her posts too. You guys have a wonderful sense of humor! thanks for the smiles Lauren.


Haha -- what a fun post! It's great to know how much you appreciate your mom -- quirks and all. Thanks for confirming that she is the fab person that we think she is too!



hungryhippie natalie sanitni

OMGGGGGG I love your blog lady.......hilarious. I think I know you or something. LOL xx


Loved your post. I hope one day my wee girl will think the same way about me, her weird mum that collects Lalaloopsy dolls and action figures ;)

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Lauren, you get your keen wit from your mother! I am laughing (LOL'ing) as I read this post! Though I've never met your ma, I feel like I know her in "real" life. You have a great mother, down to the cutting the grapes! BTW, you are as lovely as her, too.

Thanks for the smiles today!



Ha ha, Lauren! Just stumbled over here off of a "pin" from a Pinterest board of mine and ran into this. Sooo much fun, especially since I can totally "hear" your mom. I still remember the day I realized just how funny she was! You too! Miss you all terribly but am content here in the valley. Sophie is progressing. Best of New Year wishes to you all! Much love, Nicole

Lori @ Just Pure Lovely

This is such a good list, Lauren. You're a great writer, and I have a 15yo who seems to have enough in common with you, you would probably be friends if only we didn't live very far away.


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