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June 21, 2012


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Awww, lucky you! So much fabric loveliness. And I LOVE that cottage tin.
Same here, I hate clothes shopping and malls, the only shops I like are fabric shops. :-)

PS: the doulbe headed doll from your last post is creepy! But I had to laugh about your conversation with you hubby.


You may not blog often but you sure keep busy. So nice to "see" you again. I love and miss your posts. Doll bedding and clothes? Adorable. Mall shopping, ick! I'd rather stay in my jammies all day and sew. Jammies are more comfy anyway.


Love the fabrics; especially the Guising! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


Oooh YUM! More SW confirmation -- LOVE new fabric, hate clothes and purse shopping, think "snuck" sounds better (thanks for the lesson, I've always wondered about that), love PKM AND LOVE that mug!!! You Rock!!!


What????? Sooo lovely fabrics and soooooo many of them!! Amazing! Fantastic.....and the mug made me smile. You are so sweet!
Sarah, you think of our "date" next month in London??? :o)
Sabine P.-B.-C.

abi monroe

Holy cow that is a shed load of yummy fabrics! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it all!!
On my wish list is to live in a fabric shop :O)


I love it all. New fabric certainly gives a buzz. My drug. Love the mug. I got one, too but it is different. For the jubilee though. We are so the same.

Jayme C

Speaking of correct terms, did you know that it past tense of squeeze is squeezed and not squose? Hahahha!!! That one is a long running inside joke in my family. So thanks for the new one!!! Oh!!! AND I was watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy and spotted some D.S. fabric in some of the episodes!! ;)

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Oh yes, you must be my sister from another mother! New fabric? Hands down beats shopping for new clothers - and besides, the fashions seem to be suited for the under 40 girls. Tight. Minimal. Seductive. I love PKM's fabrics! She is even cuter in real life!


Jen in NY

Hi Sarah! Oh definitely, I would rather shop for fabric too. I love all the ones that you posted. The ghosties are particularly awesome! xo Jen


Looove that last photo of fabric, does that stack have a name?


I love the fabricssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Love, love all the fabric. As a new quilter, I am wondering, when you are buying random pieces of fabric to have on hand, how much do you generally buy of each piece?

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