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May 30, 2012


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SW3!!! She's Ahhhlive!!!! Glad to hear from you. And see that you've been up to all things fab!!!


That looks all so awesome!!! I love the dolls and I love the metal bed! And the bed linen,how sweet is that??
Sabine B.xxxxx


oh wow those are so cute Sarah, those dinky little socks too bless. Sorry haven't replied to your message yet but yes Coldplay will be playing in Sunderland soon. We are going to see the Chilli Peppers on the 25th. So glad to see you blogging again, now don't disappear this time :-)

Marsha Gibbons

Oh pleeeeze tell me where you got those tiny iron doll beds!!!


Gloria Martin

Is it silly that we worry about you when we don't hear from you? Probably...but we do! So happy to see all is well. Even happier to see all the happy sewing you've been doing. It is adorable and I'm now inspired to try making something tiny to show my husband when he gets home. Sounds like a great way to start summer vacation. Don't stay away too long. We've missed you! Happy summer.

Jayme C

Sooo glad to hear from you!! That pukifee is adorable and I've spent the last 2 hrs looking at them online! Oh how I wish I could afford one!! Then I'd get to dress up a little girl after all! Oh well. Enjoy your summer!!!


I have been checking in on your blog and wondered about you! So glad to have you back! Where DID you get your Pukifee? I want one and can't seem to find a link online.

abi monroe

Hilarious post! and, I must say, I thought twice about my comment starting with holy cow, since it's sort of rude to say that in England, but I posted it so there was no going back... then I read your previous post - this one - and what does it start with? PMSL. I feel better.

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