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December 06, 2011


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LOVE the gingham curtains! I have a similar image pinned on my 'in my kitchen' board on Pinterest: we will be moving between Christmas and New Year (great planning, I know) and I have already bought the fabric. So my question is: can your mom hop on a plane to Holland and come over in a few weeks? ;-) The stitchery is lovely too!

Jen in NY

Hi Sarah! I love reading your posts. You make me feel better, because I had crown molding put in last winter and I STILL haven't painted it. So we can be losers together. lol

Your mom is so talented, I can see where you get it from! The towels and potholder are beautiful. I love cheery gingham curtains too. Sabine's stitchery is absolutely gorgeous. Christmas bunny is too cute. What does Rosie think about him? xo Jen (P.S. I would totally sit on the couch with a glass of wine!)


Oh my word, you receive the best ever presents! You must be a very good daughter and friend. You've inspired me to make some kitchen-y gifts and the sampler, I'm sorry but I must confess to serious sampler envy. Oh and the bunny, I'd like him too, please! He looks seriously furry.
Hen x


Ooooh, those curtains and towels are beautiful! What a wonderful gift idea. Hmmm. Now I'm thinking. Thinking....
Very cute Christmas bunny. And Sampler. Cuteness all around!!!

Sandie~ call me crazy

What a wonderful gift! Love your curtains too~ and the Christmas bunny! LOL You are a busy person and do not have loser tendencies!~ everyone needs to relax some. ;-) Have a happy day!


So everything fits perfectly in your cozy kitchen!!!!
The gingham curtains are great and NO ONE can see that the walls need to be painted. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a pleasure to stitch that for you and in every stitch there are good thoughts and wishes!!
Charlie is as sweet as sugar!!
Sabine xxxxx


Funny, I just posted about our bunnies - we have 4. They hear you in the kitchen and think it is salad time. I made a quilt with photos of all four of our babies. I have some things I'm waiting to be magically painted too. The elves must be busy.


Loved reading about everything, but I am especially in love with Sabine's present. Any chance she can send you a link to a pattern, or did she invent it herself? Thanks!


Dear Elizabeth!
I found the pattern in a french shop in February and ordered it. Unfortunately the shop is closed!
But maybe you will find it somewhere in the www! Search for: "Enchanté Noel"
Good luck!
Sabine :o)


Hi Elizabeth, it´s me again!
I just "googled" and found out that the lady still has her shop open! Maybe she re-opened it! Lucky you! Search for "passion bonheur" and you will find the pattern and see the possibilities how to order it!
I hope; I could help you! Happy stitching to you!!! Have fun!

Steve DeVane

The towels and the curtains remind me of my grandmother. They look just like the things she used to make. Still miss her.

It's awesome that you've trained the bunny to use a litter box. Didn't know that could be done. He does look like an active little fellow.

I enjoyed reading your post. And, remember, there are no losers at Christmas!


I wondered what you meant by Christmas bunny! How fun. Your mother is so talented. Just like you. I always love to see what you are up to at your house. Your photos tell such a great story. This cross stitch made me sad a bit. My mother was such a great cross stitcher and sewer. It made me miss my mom!! I'm so glad you have yours to enjoy. She's amazing at her craft as you. Happy Christmas.

Molly Stevens

Looks like you guys were all prepared to have a great Christmas! Hopefully you did! Now that Christmas is right around the corner this year I'm always looking for decoration and gift ideas. I really love the gifts that were made for you and they have definitely inspired me to make some of the same for my mom. They look beautiful, I'll definitely have to ship them to her with a white glove delivery service! Thanks for sharing!

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