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October 26, 2011


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I'm headed to a VERY similar retreat (4 days, gorgeous location) in a couple of weeks, and this post has made me even more excited about it. Wheeee!


Terrific quilts! A retreat with fabric, friends, food, equals fun!!! That much is quite evident from your photos.


What a fabulous retreat! Lovely ladies, lovely quilts and lovely cake! And a most beautiful part of the world!


Looks like you had an absolutely fabulous time! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.


Wow, Sarah, it looks like you and your mom had a lovely time ( albeit without me!). Wish I could have been there but too many conflicts. I can't wait to see what you were working on, so keep on posting, sister.


Sarah! You look like you all had soooo much fun. What a gorgeous place to create. I have to say I've missed your inspiration and humor. Happy Fall from Missoula! :)

Gloria Martin

What a beautiful place for a retreat of any kind, BUT A SEWING RETREAT??? I would've thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Looks like a fun time was had by all, and those are some lovely quilts. So happy to sign on and see some new posts from one of my favorite bloggers! Look forward to more pictures from your part of the world! It is really gorgeous.


How wonderful, sigh!!
Your hair becomes long!! ;o)


Sarah - I can't wait to see your Victory Garden Quilt when it is all finished and quilted! I love all the fabrics you chose to make this and it inspired me to buy the pattern and make one too. Problem now is what fabric do I use to make this! eck!

Please come and visit Chara, Evelyn and me some time soon - we would love to take you around to all the quilting shops and all the cute Japanese stores here in Seattle!

Miss you and hope to see you and Mama soon! Tell her hello for me!

Tiffany Erickson

Sarah, It looks like you had a great time at camp. Makes me jealous. :) Do you happen to know what the pattern is that Dante used? I love that block. Thanks!


What a wonderful retreat! Where was this exactly? I live near Olympia, WA and I've always wanted to get in on a quilt retreat. Too much fun!
Thank you for sharing your fabulous time with us.

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron


I would love a quilt retreat! beautiful work too. I just loved your mom's pattern, where is that hers?

Rebecca Toman

Is there a pattern for the stars quilt posted on October 26, 2011? I love it. Thanks.


Please let us know the pattern, if any, for the star quilt? It looks like it could be a layer cake project :)

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