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October 31, 2011


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I have truly missed you and Rosie. Hope all is well with both of you.


OMG, she is just so incredibly cute! Love that hat.


Cute pictures -- a very patient puppy.


Rosie looks so cute


Oh my gosh...Rosie is so cute! I have 4 doxies and one of them is a Rosie also!! They would never let me put a costume of any kind on them. That's why I am really enjoying your pics. Love your blog......


Rosie is such a sweetie.

happy zombie

Ohmyrosiegosh! This is just too good. And just so Rosie doesn't get a big head over all these glamor shots… my dogs are a pointing at my monitor and cracking up. Little do they know I'm going to ask you to borrow Rosie's cap and ask you to take some pics of them, too! Oh, and KMAMF.


LMBO.... om my, poor little Rosie. She totally has the heart string pull with that downward look of humiliation. Why is it I don't quite fall for it? Might be the cozy pillow in front of the stove and snacks I know she gets. Sarah, you've been missed. :)


Absolutely adorable!! LOL From one who is owned by wienie dogs to another. :)

Quynh Nguyen

Rosie looks incredibly sweet in that beautiful hat. Love all the poses too and model shots of her. Brought a big happy grin to my face :)


What a cutie! And a sweetie for putting up with her human. Although that one shot with the teeth, yikes! I think a hat on a dog is sweet and not too much to ask--- especially since I've worn the whole prairie girl outfit a time or two in my youth.

Glad to see some posts from you again!

Gloria Martin

Everything about that face belongs on a postcard. Rosie is just about as adorable as they get. Hope you continue to post often, I enjoy it very much. It's the simple things that bring the best smiles. Keep up the good work. Happy fall, Sarah!

Claudia Voorhees

She was just as cute as cute can be !!!

Chara Michele

Oh my goodness! This is too darling :) She looks so tolerant!

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