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October 28, 2011


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Nice to read from you again! :-)
Fall is my favorite season, too, and your fall quilt is gorgeous! I plan to make one in fall colors, too.
Your vintage sheet quilt looks interesting, too. And your pets are just cute!!!


Three cheers for Fall - I could've written the first part of you post where you describe what you love about Fall. I literally feel like I come alive once the air turns crisp and cool and I can hear the crunch of leaves underfoot. Thanks for sharing.


Abby would love to snooze by the fire but she's quite happy with her hot dog buns on the heat vent. She sends love to Rosie and your kitty. I heart all things Fall. Crisp morning walks, baking cinnamon-y things, and cozy quilts in the eve. You have a lovely home.


It all looks so cozy and beautiful! I love this time of year.


Oh just seeing all your lovely decorations makes me want to run right home and put mine out. Your puppers and kitters are just too sweet for words. Sigh, I love kitty feet!


Two posts in two days steady on girl lol. I was just thinking about you yesterday and was wondering if you had your Fall coloured chrysanths on your porch and here you go showing me pumpkins :-)


Autumn is a lovly time of year, its Spring here in Australia and I'm hanging out for some hot weather.
Rosie looks so cute laying by the fire.


You have some beautiful fall touches there! Looks very lovely. Love your autumn stars behind the couch. The border fabric is a lovely surprise. I miss those North American autumns - just not the same here in Oz. We are now half way through Spring and summer and crazy hot days will be here soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog "Mumsyblossoms's World." I really enjoyed making my little quilt and look forward to making another with the same technique.

Gloria Martin

Love your taste in fabric, the way your home is decorated, and the fact that you love Fall as much as I do...we are definitely kindred spirits! I love burning all those fall smelling candles like apples and cinnamon or vanilla spice, it just makes our house so homey! I look forward to the first sign of cooler weather around here, and believe me, it's not easy to come by. But it always motivates me back to my sewing room for some projects that I need to get done by Christmas that I started in July, and so the insanity begins! But...it's still my most favorite time of the year. Enjoy! And thanks for blogging again. I always look forward to your posts. Missed you over the last few months!


It looks stunning, even the pic with Rosie laying in front of the fire. But your both poor lovelies!!! Hope that they are really feeling better now!
Sabine R. xxxxx


That sheet brought back lots of memories - my mom had that one when i was a kid!

Interior Design Ideas

This sounds more like home. How I miss my mothers' quilts. Memories.


You know Im going through a difficult time right now and your pictures really cheered me up.Rosie is the cutest thing ever. That breed of dog just grabs my heart. Enjoy fall!! Im enjoying it as well!


I am in love with your Halloween/Autumn quilt. I would really like to know the name of the pattern, or at least the size of the squares and triangles so I can make one myself! I really enjoy your blog :)

NC Design Online

Who doesn't love fall? Very beautiful fall quilt. I'm sorry to hear about Rosie but I'm glad she's okay now.

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