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July 13, 2011


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Oh swoon, this quilt-a-long is getting harder and harder to resist. All the blocks shown have been so adorable!


While I am generally drawn to more modern fabric, I really like the fabrics you are using. This is going to be gorgeous.


I LOVE your faqbric choices! And yes, it is wonderful to rediscover forgotten fabrics ;)


I've had the book for a while, but this QAL made me jump in and start on the quilt.. I'm not a joiner and I don't blog, but I follow lots of quilters who are making this quilt and I enjoy seeing what everyone is doing. So many ideas!


OhMyGosh. Apparently you ans SW1 need adult supervision. Now I'll have to tend the home fires while I send you two off to rehab. Naughty, Naughty!

Gloria Martin

I can absolutely relate to every single word of your latest posting. I actually bought my book some time ago and it sat untouched for months. But recently it's been everywhere and when I saw the FWQAL, I blew the dust off my book and realized the treasure I had been sitting on. It's been years since I worked with templates, and had a bit of a rough start, but once I discovered St. Liz on Flickr had put all the templates on one link and only 15 sheets of paper, I was off and running. I've also promised myself to use only fabrics from my stash, and going thru them has been like listening to old songs on the radio! Each one brings back a memory of all the delicious projects I had planned for every little fat quarter. I'm having so much fun! And all those unfinished projects staring me in the face? Well, they've waited this long, they can wait one more day! By the way, your block and fabric choices are beautiful! Have fun!


Ha, what do I see?? All these wonderful forgotten fabrics.....these poor sweeties!! But it seems as they will have a "revival" now and they deserve it.
I´m really curious and can´t wait to see all the wonderful blocks you will made out of them!
And by the way, what did the farmers´wives write about half-grown-up boys?? Any advices?? Hehehehehe....
Have a wonderful day, liebe Freundin! ;o)
Sabine D. xxxx

Laura K

I so want to join in but until there is a little bit of fudge in the budget I won't be getting the book. It looks really fun though. Oh and I too am a computer nerds wife!


Your blocks look wonderful! And that chicken shirting is to die for! How cute will that look in your quilt!


Yes, it is fabul;ous to find fabrics you've forgotten and still love! Not so wonderful to come across those fabrics I've bought and forgotten about for good reason--sometimes I'll pull something out and wonder just who gave this nasty colored fabric?! But the other day I 'found' a Bali Pop package that hadn't even been opened and it was like opening a bag of candy--yummy. I'm sure your quilt will be fabulous, but no sampler for me---I'm more of a quilter than a piecer and I'm sure I'd muck it up.

Jen in NY

You have such a gift for combining fabrics. I love the vintage look of the block. I'm sure it will be a gorgeous quilt! It is funny how we rediscover fabrics that we forgot we had...kind of a gift to our future selves! :-)


Sarah I would like to e-mail you but I can't find your e-mail. I was wondering
if you used quilting thread on your machine to quilt with or is it regular sewing thread. Love your fabrics, you always make some beautiful things. I have followed your
blog for a while now. Please e-mail me and let me know. Thank you from Louisiana.


I haven't jumped on the bandwagon for the FWQ-- yet, but I have seen many quilting bloggers interpretations of the blocks. I love yours-- and I really have loved all the ones I've seen. That is fascinating that the book includes letters from the farmer's wives-- I may have to use my Joann's 40-50% coupons to purchase it. Sadly, the Borders bookstore nearby have closed. I was a big fan-- not necessarily for books, but also for gifts. Enjoy the quilt-along. I have so many UFOs that I can't possibly do it right now--maybe a few years down the line. Have fun with it!


Love your fabrics! Will have to check out the farmer's wives book.


Love your fabric choices. I stumbled upon your blog by accident and lo and behold, my name is mentioned! I'm amazed at how many people have been mentioning the link to the templates.....


I got this book for Christmas 2010 and I have two blocks done! ha ha! But it is lots of fun seeing everyone's blocks!

happy zombie

WOW, I'm almost a month behind on this post! (I have a great excuse. Really. Course I can't prove it until next Spring). Anyhooooooo…

I love that you're doing the FW! I'm up to about 18 and I've hit a wall. I know once some stuff gets cleared off my plate I get to 19 and beyond (if only Buzz Lightyear was a quilter!). Or I make make myself a quilt with 18 blocks. I'm pretty sure I know how this novella's gonna end.

I love the Farmer's Wives stories too! I think the book is worth the stories alone. Love your jazz reference to the gangsta rap of today. You suppose they said, "keep it jazzy" and then flashed each other a saxophone hand sign? I would like to think they did!



Love your color choices. Do you have to pay to download? I have the book and disk, but I can't get the combined templates to print.


I have resisted and resisted this but I feel like I'm running from a blogland avalanche. Can't hurt to just pick up the book and make a *few* blocks, can it?

Your fabrics are wonderful. I love greeting old friends who have been waiting patiently.


Oh I REALLY like your choice in this one!!!! I've NEVER quilted one before. Well I did help quilt one for our pastors wife many moons ago. Each lady in our church did a block to make the quilt and then we got together and quilted it. It was SOOO MUCH FUN! I LOVED IT! I've only made the kinds of quilts you tie with the string to quilt it. Can't remember what those are called. ONE DAY I am going to actually quilt one! I have always sewn but not the type of person that likes long drawn out projects because I lose interest in it and get bored quick. :( I WISH that wasn't the case but it IS true. :( I found your site by looking for a border to put on a comforter I tore apart to fix the liner. It had something like ploy fil in it and when I washed it that mess knotted up like you would not believe. So I had to take it apart to fix it. Now I want a border on it. So I am looking and have enjoyed YOUR SITE!


I absolutely love the fabrics you have picked out for this quilt, especially the strawberry print. Can you tell me if you know the name of the fabric line this came from. I have a particular quilt pattern this fabric would look great in. Thanks. Kate

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