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January 27, 2011


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Adult recess is awesome. What a sweet quilt. Makes me think of Spring. Will it ever come? Charlie is so cute. How does Rosie feel about him?? I was thrilled to see your blog post.


wow I've died and gone to heaven!
Lush patchwork!!!

Clare x


Wonderful quilt!
The colours and lines are perfectly sweet!


Charlie is adorable -- what a fun pet. And the quilt is beautiful -- I love a simple big patchy quilt too. Great quilting!


Cute quilt, sew fresh and the quilting looks great! We start home schooling next week so I'm trying to get ultra organised this week;o)I'm sew pleased you mentioned adults get play time too! I must remember that.


Another beauty Sarah! All it takes for me is seeing a quilt like this to make me realize that the simple, square, patchwork quilt is my favorite! Why do i over-think quilts to try and make something neat, when really, this is all that needs to be done!?!

You bunny is so darn cute! I love bunnies as pets. I need to wait until hubby is out of the Navy though b/4 I go there again. Charlie is one of the cutest rabbits I've ever seen!


Oh Charlie is just too sweet for words and your quilt is just gorgeous... Hope the house ' thing' is okay.


The quilt is adorable! Sarah - how oh how do you start at the outside and quilt round and round to the middle??? I've thought of doing that, but am afraid that I'd end up with a huge pucker or nipple in the middle.
And if I didn't have a Jack Russel, a bunny would be wonderful. He's so cute, but you know that already.


That quilt is wonderful and the straight line quilting...PERFECT!! What a sweetie Charlie is :-)!

Karla Hartzog

Beautiful quilt, precious bunny, awesome photography!


Hello from Australia, your quilt is beautiful and that rabbit.... well he is just adorable.


What a beautiful quilt!! So sweet, just like little Charlie! :)


That little rabbit is too cute. My rabbit is not so little anymore. She likes paper and cardboard and a taste or two of my new cabinets if I let her. Which I don't.


Oh, I love how that quilt turned out! So beautiful! I do love a good simple patchwork! :-)


You're doing what is most important for your family. Love the straight line quilting. This is a beautiful quilt. The bunny is so sweet.


Usually my husband has zero interest in reading a quilters blog - but oh, you put Charlie there and I showed him, and now he would just talk about pet rabbits with you all day long! I made him a quilt with photos or all our pet rabbits, (I'm highly allergic so he is the main rabbit care giver and bunny snuggler).

Susan Ruff

Love your web site--could you tell me more about how you did the quilting? What kind of sewing machine did you use? Would love to be able to do this type of machine quitling.


Love the quilt, very calming to look at. Enjoy your children they grow up really fast, could you tell me what size blocks you used.

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