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December 07, 2010


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Hi Sarah, hope you are all well . I'm not surprised you wanted to keep the quilt , it is totally gorgeous . Do you still have your snow , are the girls looking forward to Christmas ?


Perhaps you could come to a shared custody agreement. I hear court and jail can be unpleasant. It's as sweet as can be. If Monica won't agree to shared custody I guess you'll just have to make one for yourself. With luck this comment won't show up twice!


I ADORE this quilt! I'm tellin' ya, I was so excited to see you did the quilting when I got this magazine! I was thinking, "Hey, I know her!" (Well not really 'know', but you know what I mean!) Super cool! I'm totally going to make one of these quilts someday. Love the pattern and I really need to get my hands on some of this fabric!


One more thing....I just looked at her fabric on FQS and the aqua with the small flowers used in the long strips isn't on there. Do you know if that is also her fabric? If it isn't do you happen to know what it is? I must get some of that!!!


I could have been your partner in crime regarding that quilt - its beautiful - such fresh, lively colours.


I absolutely love it. LOVE. Big Heart.


Ha! You finally fessed up to all that **** around you've been doing with SW1. It's just gorgeous and SW2 is very jealous. Very, very jealous! Did the loverly SW1 talk you into going to SLC?


psssssssst.....let me tell you: should I steal it for you?? Hehehehe....the pattern and the fabrics are so sweet. I can understand that you wouldn´t let "him" go!
But think of LAW ;o)
Sleep well!
Sabine H. xxxx


Sarah, it's hard to decide which I like better: the quilt or the incredible photos of it. You really take wonderful pictures that bring so much depth to your blog. I'm very envious.
And now that quilt is on my "want to make" list.


Its surely the prettiest quilt in blogland!


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Wow! I love it! So colorful! My kids will love this..Im really sure of it :D


was lucky enough to be at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild to hear Monica speak! and I got some little hexagons made by her in this very fabric! love the quilt and sorry you had to let it go.

Karla Hartzog

'Love It! Kudos to you and Monica!


Absolutely beautiful quilt, shame that we can't get the fabric (esp over here in England). If you don't steal it, can I?

Jen in NY

Wowee wow wow. Your quilting + Monica's fabric and piecing = one gorgeous quilt. I could look at these pictures all day!


Love this! I was not sure that I liked this fabric but after seeing it made up in a couple projects in blogland I broke down and got some... Love it! Actually it is on my list to buy more today... Randi at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics has is 60% off.... but there is not much left... even less when I get done :)


I don't blame you. I would have had a hard time letting go of that quilt as well.

happy zombie

How do I love thee, let me count the ways!!! Every time the needle poked though the fabric... that's the number of blessings I feel for having you in my life and our friendship. And the quilting you did is so incredible and so beautiful. JUST like you!


Sandy Bradley

OOooh, I feel your pain! It is so sweet!

sweet cottage dreams

I will post your bail if you post mine! I am coveting that quilt - is that a crime? Simply lovely and your quilting and binding is SUPERB!! Monica's fabric is totally cute as is that aqua Sugar and Spice. It IS hard to find - just ask me!

Happy New Year, Sara!!!



Can someone help me find this pattern please? I looked in Quilts and More, Winter and I didn't see it or didn't recognize it in different fabrics. Can you help?


Where can I get this pattern? I looked at the Winter issue of Quilts and More and don't see it there. Can you help me please? Thanks!!!


OMG - I love this ... i think I will use this pattern for my Marmalade quilt ... hey Psssst - *pops the trunk* grab the quilt ... hurry ... I'm only the Messenger ... we're to meet a getaway driver *lol* - then from there ... joy ride ...

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