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November 08, 2010


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It's gorgeous! And I love that it's truly scrappy and not from one 'line' of fabric! It just sings! Congrats on the finish!


Beautiful... looks very snuggly :) Makes me want to finish some of my WIPs!


Your quilt is absolutely stunning. The colours are fabulous and I adore it.


I. Love. This. Quilt.!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


Wow! Beautiful!!! Thanks for showing it to us.

Jen in NY

Sarah, it's just beautiful. You have such a knack for choosing the perfect fabrics. And I love that they're all from your stash! Cool. Your quilting inspires me, as usual!


Sarah, you have such a wonderful way of pulling your scraps together to form absolutely stunning quilts! I don't know how you do it! Your eye for colors together amazes me! I could never go through my scraps and create this, it would look horrible! I especially love the quilt that you used to have hanging behind your sofa. But then again, I love all your quilts! ;)


Oh and one more thing...(sine I can't find your email address on here, I'll post it in a comment) (which by the way I thought I did a couple days ago but I must have left the screen before entering in the word code thingy, so it never posted) BUT ANYWAY!!! I just got a copy of the Winter issue of Quilts and More and I saw the quilt you quilted! You never even mentioned it here and I was so excited when I saw your name on the quilt. How exiting! You are in print! It may not be a big deal to you, but I thought it was really cool! plus I love the quilt and I found Happy Zombie's blog through it and added that to my blog roll too. Anyway, congratulations and the quilt is gorgeous. I plan on making one someday.


I agree with Jen, how you choose from your scraps and come up with such a wonderful blend for your quilts is such a talent. I LOVE all your quilts, so cozy and waiting to be snuggled under to watch movies or the snow out the window. You are an inspiration. I know that blogging is sometimes difficult but it truly does inspire others. Thank you so much for sharing. :)


Your quilt is beautiful! It looks great there on the wall. Congratulations.


It´s just amazing and I always wondered when we will see the finished quilt here! ;o) Tadaaah, here it is and it looks as beautiful as always. Yes, snuggle in and have this wonderful feeling of having done a great job!!
Eh, by the way, what´s next??? Hehehehe...
Sabine C. xxx


Could this be the most perfect post?
Gorgeous quilt and kitty feet!



Great job on such a gorgeous quilt! The kitty is pretty darn cute too. :)

Nicole Lingley

I love the quilt. You did a wonderful job! I was looking for your email address (I'm new to this blog, but I know I'm going to be a frequent visitor) to ask you a question. What machine do you use? If you don't mind me asking. :)


Amazing photos of your amazing project.

I too am always curious what machine quilters use.


Sarah, it is Beautiful all done and hanging up or folded or piled up or wrapped around. Yes. I love that feeling of the final stitch, really. I tend to get a little internally giddy when I'm coming down the home stretch.
In print? Some sort of secret?
you holdout ;)


I really have enjoyed watching the finish on this one.So exciting to see the finished project, of course, it is just lovely each step of the way. Beautiful, lovely, delicious!


Beauteous! Just say NO to kitty barf but love his furry feetsies. Congratulations on your lovely finish.


beautiful! Your stash gave you a great looking quilt!!!


Oooooh SW3 -- it's GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! Your fabric choices are wonderful. Stunning job - Congratulations!!!


Your quilt is just beautiful! I love the scrappy look and the colors are perfect- just gorgeous!


Simply Beautiful. You should be proud....I need you to pull "My" scraps together. I'm always short on vision.... Great job.

happy zombie

"Carrie Nelson is a genius"... I could not agree more! BUT... you are a genius yourself, missy. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL. I'm gonna copy what Sherri said... I. LOVE. THIS. QUILT. I want to steal it when you're not looking - but I'm sure you have Snarly Security Guard Miss Rosie on a mini Segway patrolling in front of it.

xooxkmamf - and Happy Veteran's Day to LTjgACQ!



Sew Create It - Jane

Beautiful finish! Congrats on a fabulous quilt!

Love your pictures too..your kitty is adorable!

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