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October 29, 2010


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Welcome back! You have been missed.


So nice to have you back here!! :o)
And thanks for the nice pics you show us.
Poor bunny, poor Sarah!!! But it´s good to know that you both feel better!
Happy Halloween!
Sabine C. x

Fiona Leontis/Patchworkdelights

Wow a hectic month for sure!

Love the quilts that you made/are making and also Renee's quilt

Would love to go an retreat, maybe one day.

Also I love Hydrangeas, one of my most favourite flowers,fresh or dried, I have a white one in my garden, for some reason i have decided my plant is a boy, dunno why, weird I am sure but he has survived several moves so I guess we have a relationship of sorts!

Anyway have a good weekend!

Mama Bear

Enjoyed this.


So glad Charles Bingly survived his illness, and you too of course. The retreat sounds fabulous and that's a wonderful stack of fabric to inspire you. I look forward to seeing it become something special (eventually).

Thearica Burroughs

I looked around on your blog to find an email link so I can contact you to ask you a question but I could not find one. I am hoping you will reply back to me so I can contact you about a tutorial.

Thanks so much!


I too, looked around for a contact email - no go. Correct that, would you??? And what's the matter with me that I didn't get it at the retreat? It took me a week to get things sorted out as well after getting home.
What a lovely bunch of fabrics you chose. I should have stopped there too, but instead I went north and discovered a new ( to me )shop near Olympia.
Thanks for the great pics of my quilt, but I was sad to see there's none of my new love (thanks to you, I've now got my eye on a couple of Blythe's over on ebay).


Fun to catch up with you. Love that stack of fabric. I'm sure you're better and had a good halloween, at least I hope so.

sweet cottage dreams

Glad to see what you are sewing! Hope you are feeling better. So unlike you to not want to take pics. But I am glad you did of Renee's quilt! Nothing short of amazing! It is so fun!!!! Looks like cobwebs.

LOVE what YOU are making, too.



Hey Sarah! I know I'm totally late, but I wanted to say it was great to see you at the retreat. And I love how the 'big sis' quilt looks so far! Send me your address so I can send you some sheet FQs (no promises on how soon I'll get around to it since I'm the queen of procrastination lately, but that way it will show up when you least expect it!). :-)

happy zombie

ACK... so sorry you were so sick!!! Hope you're much better now. I loved seeing Renee's quilt (isn't she the best!) - so sad I couldn't come to retreat. Thanks for showing the pics!! Sniff. Sniff. Cry. Bawl. KMA. xoxo

Karla Hartzog

Me, too! 'about the hydrangeas, I mean. Come see: www.karlakrafts.com/2010/11/blog-post.html

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