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September 01, 2010


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all I can say is....meeeeee too!!! :)


So glad you are back in blogland! I love your posts...
and I love your pictures of beautiful Oregon...
and I love your craftiness....(that banner is so awesome! I may have to make one of those!) what did you use to attach the charms to? I can quilt, but when it comes to any other sewing, I'm lost!
..and I'm totally ready for Fall. Bad part, I now live in Southern California and it's sunny and 70 year around. I shouldn't complain, but I LOVE fall, and not getting to experience it just isn't right!

Sheri Howard

I love your little garland and your jam is beautiful...too bad we can't have 3 months of September then October!


After this long hot summer I´m so much ready for fall. I can´t tell you!!! ;o)
Let me tell you that the strawberry jam is most delicious. And I love the "pattern" on the jar.
Sabine B. xxx


I loved this post, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling! Must because I'm looking forward to fall (autumn) too. It's also starting here in the UK with chilly nights and misty mornings.
I love the quilty jam jars and mug and your knitting has reminded me that I was intending to make some hand warmers for myself for this winter.
Teresa x


You are the best photographer, among your many talents. Love your blog posts. So unique and perfect. Love the pictures of everything from the mug to the banner. Let the fall celebration begin.

Jen in NY

Sarah, I got out my fall decorations on September 1st, I like your thinking!! Such a cute Halloween banner. I love the idea and the fabrics are gorgeous.

The arm warmers are so cozy looking. What great fall colors. And I'm loving those strawberry jam jars...and the coffee mug! Wish I could enjoy both with you! :-)


I totally agree with you!!!! fall is the BEST! it's still feeling like summer here in eastern Wisconsin, sigh. there is a set of those mugs at my local vintage store too, and I am so tempted, but I just know I'd get that "look" from my husband, we already have more than enough mugs. but do we have enough places to keep drawing pencils............ hmmmm


I have know idea where you live, but looking at your pictures it feels like I stepped back in time...It was a wonderful feeling. I too am wishing for Fall after a terribly hot Summer here in the South.


I just read about you and your brother staring at your sleeping grandparents and almost lost the sip of coffee I had just taken! Too funny. I'm with you - I love fall, especially after the summer we had here! Saturday night I actually took out the quilts for the beds - woo hoo! Trees are starting to change and I have the advantage of working in Boston and living in NH - my fall is a bit longer 'cause things start earlier up north. My drives to and from the city during the fall can really be lovely (and thank heaven for commuter buses, so I can enjoy looking out the window!)

Quilter Kathy

Love those jam jars!
I'm squeezing every glorious moment out of fall!

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