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May 31, 2010


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You know we quilters would not judge your sewing space. Ours look just like it. It's called creativity! Love the quilt. I wish I could do a stitch like that. Love my Janome but it does not do a lengthy wavy stitch. Darn.


Your room does not reflect your creative spirit! Love the quilt you spray basted.


The room is soooo sweet, we just ignore the "mess" around!!! The new quilting pattern matches perfectly to the fabrics and yes, please show us the finished result, when it´s all done!!!
Eh, could I please sit next to you in this lovely room to see Jude???? :o)
Sleep well,
Sabine C. xxx


1. Love the sock monkeys. 2. Love the wave quilting. 3. Really love the kitteh paws. 4. Love Jude in The Holiday (he cries!!)


What a beautiful quilt. You make it all look so easy.

Sew Create It - Jane

Both the quilt and the kitty are beautiful! What lovely pictures!


I wish my kitchen floor was spotless enough to lay a quilt on!
I love that film, but, I think it's hilarious with the cottage. About 2 people in the UK live in cottages like that! :)


What a lovely quilt - I'm sure your baby nephew will treasure it for years to come!

I wouldn't worry about the mess - I always blame mine on being a "creative"... creativity and organisation do not mix.

Besides, with such a gorgeous kitty like that, who cares!


Adorable quilt and the waves for the monkeys are too special! My sewing room looks similar and I haven't even been using it lately!! I need some creative mojo.


LOVE the sock monkeys. And aren't you clever to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out your machine's stitch pattern like that! I'm going to have to check out all of the stitch patterns in my machine now to see what possibilities might be lurking in there. An did I say I LOVE the sock monkeys? And the kitty. Gotta love the kitty.


Looooove it! Poor fella has a virus and it's attacking his little baby throat. He's a freak about blankets though so I bet this will make him feel better. :) He drops them on the ground in front of him, places his face on them....without bending his legs, then drops onto the blanket and roll around the living room. You'll see when you visit, it's adorable. Also love the quilt on the wall. As far as the mess goes...hehehehehehe....reminds me of Mom's sewing room. Muuuaaah!

Cathy M

What a cute little quilt.

Jen in NY

The waves quilting pattern looks great. Goes so well with that cute quilt! I'm so excited for you that you got a tv for your sewing room! What a great gift for a great mom! :-)

I'm glad you posted the link to your machine quilting tutorial. I'm going to be quilting a (relatively) large quilt soon and I'm going to follow your method. I'm excited to try the spray adhesive! Thank for such a great demo! P.S. Kitty looks quite cute and content!


LOVE those waves SW3 -- they're perfect for that cute little quilt. Love the kitty paws too -- I sure wish my feet were cute and fluffy like that LOL!


I enjoy a lot your quilting project
I would like to learn quilting with my machine
I had the virus recently but I do not know if I shall arrive. I have the 4000D but I do not even know if it is possible to make these drawings of quilting with it
I make research on the Net to learn, if you have a dvd to advise me, I am taking
Thanks for your photos I speak a little english because I'm French from the West Indies


I can almost smell the fabric and feel the kitty fur as I almost hear your machine going away at that quilt. Thanks for letting us into your room. The tv is wonderful. It is fun to watch a movie and quilt.

Jennifer Faure

That is by far one of the cutest quilts I've ever laid eyes on! Love it

The Chocolate Cat

That is one super cute quilt for your nephew! and a super cute furry friend! Always amazes me how clean their paws are!!! Love your Mothers Day gift.


The wavy quilting is perfect - seriously fun quilt, love the movie, kitten paws, new tv and comfy as it is sewing room, too, mess and all! :-D


Love that quilt~ The brown bars are super cool in it.


Very cute and boyish. I made my baby boy (35 yrs old) a monkey quilt a couple of years ago because he had a sock monkey when he was a little guy - he loved it.

How did you do the wavy quilting - verynice!

sweet cottage dreams

not to fret....
my sewing area is worse! worse i say, worse!! stacked with 2 foot high vintage sheet fat quarters that i am getting prepped to sell.

you speaketh my language with the holiday movie and mr. law himself. isn't he just yummy with a spoon? ** sigh and a swooooon **

ok, i am getting an itch to know what you are going to do with ms. monica's fabulous lecien fabric!!! lucky YOU!



I just discovered your blog and love all your accomplishments. Thank you very much for your sharing. I'm new in the patch and I was looking for a way to quilting wiht my sewing machine my first quilt, a bag with squares with borders with hand applicate flowers (I have found the pattern in a magazine which was published in France: country quilt).
I did a test with the 719 stich which is also on my machine, it's perfect! But how far do you let between the lines of stiches ? What thread do you use for quilt top and bottom (brand, composition of the thread, thickness?) And what color ? Thanks for your answer.
Good day !
Armande (from France)
PS: Sorry if my English is not very good, I'm not used to write like this.


I love love love the Holiday! I must have seen it about a hundred times! Did you know the set people actually built that cottage specifically for the movie? It looks so perfect and old I wouldn't have believed it. They show them doing it in one of the extras on the DVD!

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