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May 23, 2010


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Blythe has a better wardrobe that I do. Perhaps it's her figure??? Lovely stack of goodness.

Jen in NY

The sock monkey quilt is too cute! Love that idea for a boy's quilt!

I am not one BIT jealous that you have all of that Holiday Happy Fabric. Nope. Not one Little Bit. No siree. Uh-uh. Boy, I'm a terrible liar, aren't I? LOL Actually I cannot WAIT to see what you do with it!! :-)


The quilt for your nephew is going to be great. I love the choice of colors and the "brown" inside makes it wonderful!
Nice dress, I havenĀ“t such a beauty one....
Sleep well,
Sabine B.xxx


What a great dress... if only they were made in human size!

As for your new stash, well I'll admit it: I'm jealous, jealous, jealous. Can't wait to see what your special secret is!


Blythe is lovely. What a great idea to use ribbon for the bodice. Love Monica's fabric. I'm on the FQS list and I have my pattern just waiting.

Tammy Gilley

ooohhhhhh, loving this quilt!!!


Oooh, can't wait to see what you'll make out of SW1's fabric. I SO wish you'd been at market!!!


Hi Sarah,

I just gave links to your blog and your Machine Quilting 101 tutorial to Brye Lynn at Sew, Stitch, Create. She just did a podcast on basting and talked about spray basting. I have found your tutorial very helpful, so I thought she could share with her listeners. If you haven't check out her podcast, you should give it a listen.


Love your blog!

Lisa @ A Stitch of Faith


Hi Sarah,

You inspire me... finally someone has a sewing room that looks like mine. Due to an illness in the family, (my oldest daughter has been very sick for the past 10 months) I have gravitated -AWAY- from my sewing room. I now remember that sewing always relieved my every day stresses, when I worked fulltime, had a sewing bus. on the side, raised 3 kids, and my mother in law and her sister in law lived with me and my husband first became disabled.
You have reminded me that the simplicity of that one row of stitching moving you away for a time from the cares of everyday life allows our creative side to sooth and comfort. THANK YOU.

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