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April 06, 2010


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Jen Newby

So funny...I loved my Easy Bake oven as a child and I can remember my mom never letting me play with it. She hated the hassle of it. I also remember saying, "when I'm a mom I'm going to let my kids play with theirs all the time!" Well...I have a 6 yr. old now and I won't get one for her! Maybe when she's a bit older and can do it herself and CLEAN it herself, I'll get her one. (Although, I should probably get her one now b/c she's constantly wanting to help bake and cook and I'm the "mean mom" that never lets her) Maybe for Christmas this year I'll cave! (isn't it sort of great having girls! Especially when they like to sew, bake, play with dolls, craft, etc...) I've got 2 girls myself.


Easybake?? Easybrad?? I´m a bit confused as you know, hehehe!!!
So sweet, I have to check out Ebay!!
Sabine B. xxx


Memories...Kenner Easy Bake Oven. Mine had little metal pans. I remember making pink "candy" from one of the packets and they looked and tasted like the rubber balls you get with your bag of jacks! Wonderful memories :o) and I'm sure your girls will have them too.

Jenn Baker

So FUN! I had one of the blue ones from the 60s - we got so bored we would put anything in there to see what happened - i remember putting candy cane pieces in and melting them! Thanks for sharing!

happy zombie

I will not look at the ebay link. I will not look at the ebay link.I will not look at the ebay link.I will not look at the ebay link.I will not look at the ebay link.

I love the pic, especially the ones with the Jr. Pioneerwomen looking and peeking. As always, ordinary becomes the extraordinary at Casa de ACQ!

And ps... I love your counters and all thats on them. Hardly a mess. You've been to my house - you know how my counters are! Which reminds me... I have some serious cleaning to do! xooxm

happy zombie

I just looked. @#$!%!!!... there's a vintage aqua one!


Ah, yes. Mine was a 70s model and I LOVED it. I can't even imagine how many bad tasting cakes I forced my family to eat. lol


What incredible fun. You are a good mom. I love to see that.


Never seen these before and they look great - if I'd got girls I might have been very tempted

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