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April 09, 2010


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What an eye candy post! I love tiny triangles, tulips, fireplaces, and stubborn doxies. Although I bet Rosie isn't stubborn like my little monster. And I'll join you at the sanitorium because I'm dropping everything now to make tiny triangles like yours.


.....and you have to create a nice ceramic figurine....donĀ“t forget!!! Hehehehehe...
I love the triangles, they will look wonderful as a wallhanger!!
Sabine B. xxx


love those triangles


I understand Rosie's need for her morning fire. Abby loves to lay on the heat vent in the morning. :o) Sweet little 30s triangles.


I have that green one with the tiny white flowers. I have made several things with it, so I only have scraps left. Wow. I guess I am surprised because mine is many years old. :D


LOVE all your triangles!! :0)


Love those triangles too....Rosie is soooo sweet laying in front of the fire.....I think the term for you is "QUILTER".....
Prayers, Bo


I love that little print with what looks like tiny angels in blue. Adorable!


I have lots of little triangles left over from my Schnibbles quilt. They are very small too, but I wanted to make a mini quilt also. Please post yours when you finish.


Oh gosh, I love the triangles. They look wonderful set against the white/off white fabric. No, you're not crazy. It's fun to start new projects... even when you KNOW you should be finishing others.

Sheri Howard

I have sewn those little triangles too and yours are so sweet. It looks like it could be a perfect size for Rosie's new quilt. I made our cat his own quilt once....he kept sitting in a chair I didn't want him too, so I put his little quilt on the chair so his hair didn't get all over. After a few weeks he got used to that quilt, and I put it in another chair....he moved over there and sat on his quilt!


Oooh, they're adorable -- even Miss Rosie thinks so too! I think we're all a little mentally unstable, don't you? Therefore, you're in good company!


Who could resist baby triangles? And little quilts are just so adorable... we love things that feel like it should go in a doll's house... we never grow up, do we?


Lovely triangles! It reminded me of a UFO, oh dear, I had nearly forgotton.


Oh, I love those little triangles. I'm with Rosie - snuggling by the fire under a blankie sounds great! :)


Cute, cute, little triangles! Can't wait to see what they turn into. :-)


If you are mentally unstable then so are many other blogging quilters including me! I think we get a different 'rush' from starting a new project and when we haven't had that for while the urge takes over. The mini triangles are so cute. Looking forward to the end result.
Teresa x


Hey I think quilting help keep us mentally stable ;) Great shots!


They are beautiful. I always think simple works best. It brings out the beauty of fabric.


These cute and tiny triangles will make a great wall-hanging. Have fun and remember, you aren't crazy!



sweet cottage dreams

oh...oh...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... loving it! you inspire me so much! did i tell you i am collecting vintage sheets, too? almost have enough to do my quilt.

the easy bake ovens bring back tons of memories and lemonade stands. love seeing them used - too cute those two!

:) becky

sweet cottage dreams

ps....hugs to rosie!!
from duhgall and fiona


So beautiful!! I love how your posts inspire all of us to get moving so we have beautiful things to look at and photograph too!!


Hey you have got a lot of triangles!! It looks really good in all the lines.....cant wait to see the finished project!

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