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April 30, 2010


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I love the mini quilt! So what are the measurements? It's adorable! And score! on the thrift sale finds! I'm never that lucky!
I wish I could find a Blythe doll that wasn't outrageously priced! I showed pictures of them to my 6 year old online and now she wants "all of them". ummm, yeah right! I can't seem to find them and I really know nothing about them but from what you've posted on your blog. The ones I can find online are boo-coo bucks!


I know coveting is supposed to be bad and all but I really do kind of covet that mini-quilt. And if I'd seen all that awesomeness in a thrift store I would have been over the moon. Nice score!

Jen in NY

Your stippling makes me so happy. It's so darned perfect! What a cute little quilt. The two borders look great. You know when you posted the last time I noticed how cute that umbrella fabric was! Love it.

I am a tad jealous of all the cool trims you got, I admit it. Even the scary witch heads. My one and only trip to a thrift store was very disappointing. Can I come shopping with you?


Well THANK YOU for posting about your blogger problem!!! I thought it was just me. And then I decided just 30 minutes ago that it's only one computer, cause it doesn't seem to happen on the other one. Now I'm thinking it's coincidence. It makes me sad to think how many times I've left comments and thought they appeared and they really didn't (I looked back on those blogs and they aren't there.)

Anyhoo....your little quilt is soooo cute. And ahem. I believe there's a little sumpin'sumpin between us -- you know...along the lines of what's yours is mine??? Remember??? {cough}jumboricrac{cough}

Mary on Lake Pulaski

The mini is awesome!!


Ahhhhhhhhhh, your treasures are so wonderful and I wish I would find something so nice. You know that I´m looking forward to those witch heads, don´t you?? :o)
The mini quilt has the perfect size for my Kewpie and she is a bit jealous now seeing your Blythe doll sitting on it!!!
Have a lovely weekend, we are celebrating the first of May here in Germany, it´s a bank holiday, but unfortunately it´s a Saturday.....
Sabine B.-W. xxxx


Your mini hst's are so sweet! Love it! I can't call you a jerk, though, but I am happy for your good finds, have fun creating with them!


JERK!!Just kidding, all that trim (and witches heads) is a SUPER score!! The mini is adorable!! Suspension for a wedgie?? I am not surprised..one of my boys once got in-school suspension for saying that another kid had the cooties!!
Have a great weekend!

sweet cottage dreams

Can you come over and teach me to stipple? I am loving your mini quilt! I spy scottie dogs, too. Blythe looks perfectly content lounging on your quilt. It looks as though she may be looking around for a guy friend to come over and romp on the quilt with her! *snicker* And yes, she has attitude!

Have fun with your awesome nephew. Love the story. Something my boys were very well skilled at doing. Teachers....sometimes you have to wonder where their sense of humor went. Been there..done that.

Keep up your hilarious posts! Wish you lived nearby!!


PS: I got your comment! Thank you!!

sweet cottage dreams

P.P.S.: .....jerk!......

*with affection!*


You lucky duckie finding those treasures!! :) I know you will put them to good use. You are one talented gal. I looooove your bity quilt. I am just learning how to quilt. Very very cute!!!


Well cuteness and fun just seem to be exploding all over the place here with you!!
I think any finish no matter how large or small is cause for celebration!!! I am sooo
'hearting' this little quilt....love your double binding look too!!


Hmmm, which do I like more: the trims, Blythe, or that Adorable quilt? I can't decide!!
What a super-score on those trims; I'm guessing estate sale, right?


Love your little quilt - it turned out just awesome. Great scores too. I don't hate you. ;-) Is that giant aqua ricrac really called "Ripple trim"? I've never seen that before!


Your mini quilt looks great, well done!


wow... I just love your quilts and have just sat staring at your blog for ages soaking it all in - what beautiful pieces, so cute as well.


I agree with above blogger, Its so pretty! And sweet! and I keep looking at it again and again. Just love it. And the bags of treasure. Oh my. I would not have gotten a thing done the rest of the day, sorting, rewinding, gloating over my find! Lucky You! p.s. love your blog too!


amazing finds - not so sure about those witches heads though , they're a bit scary ... Very cute quilt with the teeny pieces ... oh and guess what Stamps is finally on his way here !!

happy zombie

I love your mini, I love your crazy witchypoo heads, love all the ric-rac... but most of all... I love you. Oh... and kma, bn.

PS... MyLittleHo-ny... caught her smokin' some Slim-jim's - so now she's toasted on animal by-products AND Colt 45. Yup. And you know what else... her hair is a WIG! It comes off. Crazy, I know!

Tammy Gilley

Love that sweet quilt. And those ribbons...I have ribbon envy! :)


Hi! Haven't been by in awhile...hope all is well. Love the bitty quilt, and those big eyes!! :)


Love the mini quilt, goodness have'nt seen a doll like that before- those eyes! Beautiful.

Renee Lange

Just found your blog through Sweet Cottage Dreams, LOVE IT!!! Off to look at posts1


I just found your blog and was reading through your posts. Such a lovely itty bitty quilt with itty bitty HSTs! Love it.

But I the main reason that prompted me to leave a comment is the fact that you are getting Open ID errors too. I thought it was just me! I just keep resubmitting my comment and eventually the blog accepts it. So frustrating!

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