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March 12, 2010


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Extreme cuteness!!!
It looks beautiful and it is a fantastic idea!!!
Have a lovely day,
Sabine C.xxxx


Adorable!! Have a great weekend too!

Missy Ann

So charming, and all around lovely.


The tea cup itself is so pretty! How clever of you to make it into a pin cushion. I must try that. I love teacups and I love to sew! What could be better than that. How lucky your friend is to have such a thoughtful friend.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)


Pretty, pretty, pretty!


Hi! I found your blog "by accident" as I was googling and blogging about. I have been thinking of starting quilting again. I have had a break from it for about fifteen years.. doing all sorts of other hobbies in the meanwhile, but all my stuff is still here, materials, threads, my sewing machine. And then I found your blog, and have been sitting here, reading, laughing and feeling so inspired to start again. I think I have to go up to the attic tomorrow and carry the stuff down to my room and start sewing again.

Thank you so much for sharing so warm- heartedly from your creativity and knowledge.


Those are adorable SW3! I too, love having pincushions everywhere -- it's better than finding the pins in the carpet!


Very cute, and inspiring! I know just what I need - more pincushions!


Very cute and at the same time elegent. What a nice gift.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love your tea-cup pincushion.

Jen in NY

Ooh that's a cutie, Sarah! Great idea. I love pincushions too. Gotta find me some of those darlin' teacups!


This is a wonderful idea and looks just too gorgeous!


It is beautiful. I love it. The wool makes it really rich.

Megan Dye

How is it possible that I have only now just found your blog (as well as Happy Zombie) AND that you are right here in the Pacific Northwest?!?!?!?! I sure hope you're open to having a Portland groupie.

happy zombie

Big Green Pincushion! I love it so much! You have such a gift for making the cutest things!!

Hey, was watching Celeb Fit Club... Jay McCarroll hollers at Bobby Brown to try to get him to catch up. Jay hollers, "Baahhhhhhbay". OMG - now I love Jay McCarroll even more!

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Ooh thats a cutie, Sarah! Great idea. I love pincushions too. Gotta find me some of those darlin teacups!

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