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March 01, 2010


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so sad. I feel your pain. Everytime I buy something new (as opposed to thrift store clothing) it gets ruined in the laundry. :/

happy zombie

CRACKING. UP... I can so see you doing #3 & #4 to Mr. ACQ!

And what the what... a BIRTHDAY? And I missed it? OH NO!!!


Nooooooooooo! Oh well. At least he did the laundry.


:( Poor little sock! Still, it felted beautifully, didn't it? Maybe you should make a giant pair and turn them into a felted pair of slippers!

Jen in NY

Eek! It's a cute little thing now, though! My hubby's done similar laundry faux-pas as well. You think it's their master plan to get us to ban them from doing laundry??


Such a bummer! I hope they can fit your daughter once you shrink the other one.


Poor hubby. I bet he doesn't do THAT again!


That is too funny. I could see myself milking that little mistake with my hubby.


Awwww. Thanks for the chuckle -- even if I'm really sorry. I'll try to remember this story the next time I'm tempted to by non-super-wash yarn for socks. Sometimes it's really hard to resist though!


Oh, I could just cry! I am so so so so so sorry. I am blundering my way through my first pair of hand made socks. I am doing it with bamboo, but let me tell you, this is hard and takes such a LONG time.
You are a sweetheart to move on and find something to giggle about. Good for you.


Oh Sarah,
shame on you that you didnĀ“t take good care enough of your beloved socks and left them on the floor.....hehehehe! :o)
But for some reasons he thought that these socks needed to be washed...hehehehe!!!!
Sleep well,
Sabine V-R xxxxx


Make lemonade!
Pick up a copy of "Stray Sock Sewing" and turn it into something adorable.

Renee ( not sure that you remember me - I'm the one with all those dresses blocks from the retreat last fall )


There should be a warning on every washing machine...husbands and laundry do not mix! I have proof. lol!


So much time to make and it only takes a few minutes to be gone. I had to laugh at this one, I think we all have these moments. So sorry Sarah for all your work, but you gotta give a A+ for trying.


poor socks but at least your hub knows where the washing machine is !! Speaking of which today I finished knitting my first ever sock and it was on 2 needles :-)


It's always interesting when husbands help... just have to accept that these little things happen because we want them to keep helping! And they will make great slippers...


Eeek! Another one! My ex (this was long before he was an ex) decided for the one and only time to do laundry. Since he NEVER went near the washer / dryer, I had put my recently completed 100% wool crocheted Aran sweater in the basket so I would remember to hand wash it. Took me a year to crochet that sweater and I think I wore it once. You can guess what happened.

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