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February 18, 2010


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Belated Birthday wishes. Oh my goodness I don't know if I'd learn German but I love children's books. :o) How does Rosie like the new girls in town?

kristine hanson

oh that machine quilt is darling....is it a pattern or a tut your friend would share??


Happy Belated Geburtstag!!! How fun to be learning German -- that little book is fantastic! I think I've forgotten more German than I learned -- I could use that little book. Have fun with the new piggies!!!


I rarely comment, but I just have to say that guinea pigs are the best pets! I'm so happy for you and (all!) the girls! Is there anything cuter than hearing a "Wheet! Wheeeet!" whistle when you rustle a produce bag? Well, yes, there is: guinea pig lips!

Also, I couldn't see the sewing machines at first. You know those visual puzzles where one way it's an old woman and the other way it's a beautiful lady? I could only see it one way, and I wasn't seeing sewing machines! Ha ha! Finally it clicked. And I felt dumb. :)

megan v

Happy Birthday!!!
That book was WAY cooler inside than I expected it to be!! OMG I love the illustrations!!!! *dead fox hanging on the house, haha. it's all in the details!*

Jen in NY

Happy birthday Sarah! Love the cupcake Sabine made, and the quilt is gorgeous. You know I couldn't see the sewing machines at first...but then when you said it I saw them! Duh for me!

Cute little pets you got there. Has Rosie met them yet? Nice names too--in fact, I just watched a Cher movie last night, one of my favorites--Moonstruck. I've seen it a million times!! :-) Jen


Adore that book...can't speak a word of German, but who needs words with those pics!!

Totally agree that those girls need quilts of their very own. Meerschweinchen sized quilts. (Sounds much better than piggy sized. Careful - calling them that may hurt their feelings and redheaded Cher may display her temper!!)

call me crazy

Happy belated birthday! What adorable gifts! And what a great book! How fun! The girls are cuties... love Cher's hair! LOL


Happy birthday!! What wonderful gifts from your friends. You are sure to cherish those for a long time to come. I love the little dresden project you are working on. Your new little guinea pigs are too sweet.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

The sewing machine wall hanging is adorable!!


Oh Sarah, what a beautiful quilt!! So sweet and a fantastic idea!!
And the Meerschweinchen are so funny and sweet.And I love their names....hehehehe...
Sleep well and have a wonderful weekend while working on your dresden plate.
Sabine R. xxxxx

Jenna Z

Oooh, guinea pigs! It makes me wish I could have another one. But husband says we have enough going on already. Our very first pet together was a guinea pig! And then we had several that followed but none better than our Chewie!

Jenna Z

I forgot to say I did make quilts for them, of a sort. I made little sleeping bags, quilty on the outside and lined with fleece or flannel. They LOVED to snuggle in them and it made them much easier to handle for younger children who wanted desperately to hold them but were just too scared or wiggly. They could hold the piggy in a blanket on their lap and stroke it without worrying about how to grab onto it. And they are easy to pass from person to person that way too, just scoop up the baggy!


Sending you lots of belated birthday wishes, such a cute quilt - lovely colours. I'd like to like the guinea pigs but unfortunately I'm allergic to them :-)


How cute! She does look like a little beaver!


Happy belated birthday! You got some great gifts. That book is too adorable...and so are the furry new friends.


Happy Belated Birthday. Love your little treats. Good for you. The piggies are so cute. We used to have them, too.

Kim Kosek

Whatever you do. Do not prepare bacon, forget to wash your hands, then handle those cute little guys. Your finger will became breakfast and blood will be had.

sweet cottage dreams

Happy belated b-day! LOVE the quilt, cupcake and book. How fun for you to get such wonderful gifts! LOVE the cozies, too.
Now what will the Dresden be? Great choice of fabrics.

Your GP's are adorable! Cher does look cheeky!! Have fun cuddling with them.


Kelly O.

oh my family LOVES guinea pigs!
they are so sweet.
Over time they get used to routine and who feeds them and loves them and they will sing for the one they love the most! seriously! you'll see!

Crystal Poling

This post was great! Loved it!


Hi!, you know which fabrics were used to make the quilt Little sewing machines?

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