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January 17, 2010


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I love this quilt - you did a beautiful job. I wonder if the recent love of vintage sheet quilts is because it helps us remember our childhood when we slept under so many of these same prints! :)

Alicia P.



I need to go look at it again. Just a sec.

Alicia P.

Yep [wipes tear from eye] you've done it. It's the most beautiful quilt in the universe.

Libby Dillard

Beautiful Quilt! I can see Cindy Brady curled up in bed with this quilt! With her curls and that weird doll that she had!


Your sheet quilt is lovely...I like how you combined pastels with some brown, too - it really works.
I'm gonna try to remember that trick about the full binding - yes, one of these days/months/years I will finally make a quilt! I've got a big collection of vintage sheets 'cuz I love them, and find them at the thrift stores, but I'm not sure what I'll do with them...ha, maybe a sheet quilt...we'll see. Some are pretty thin, but the edges are still usuable. I think the part I fear about quilt making is the quilting part on the machine...I can just picture trying to manuever the big bear of a quilt and my machine jamming and me screaming like a banshee! Yep, that's what I see...I really don't think my machine is strong enough and neither am I.


this is absolutely gorgeous!!! i love everything about it. stunning

happy zombie

Oh that quilt is beautiful. Looking at it makes me go ahhhhhh.

And I'm also doing my favorite impersonation EVER... "My boyfriend, George. George........ Glass". KMA, Marcia.

janet clare

your 'Jan' is lovely- but then all Jan's are in my experience :-) !
Jan(et) x


I must say that your vintage sheet quilt has turned out quite lovely. I also happen to love old vintage sheets. I simply love the one you have made. :)


I absolutely love this quilt!


Soooo pretty!!!!


Oh my your quilt is absolutely beautiful. I love how you have found the sweetest fabrics to put together and the colours...and that it is vintage! Now did you do some hand stitching with it as well.
Just love it!
Come by and visit some time when you have some time.


Just the sweetest most feminine quilt I have seen in a very long time.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Susan Newbigging

What a lovely quilt. I have lots of shabby chic sheets that I have collected from Goodwill and yardsales.........I am just going to have to make me a quilt : )

Susan Freeman

I stopped by Sweet Cottage Dreams and was led to your page. Great quilt. Congratulations for finishing it. I have been hand quilting one for a couple of years now. I am anxious to finish it because as I am sure you know, there is always another in mind. Love the idea of using vintage sheets.

Susan and Bentley


Thanks for the hint on attaching binding. Your quilt is so pretty!


Okay, your binding has me so excited!!! I've always created binding by hand (like the binding makers but never used them). And never liked them. I've always just machine stiched the binding on. Your binding looks like it's a a large strip folded in half and then machine stitched on the front and folded over to the back to just cover the machine stitch lines. Would you mind telling me how wide is the strip of binding and can you point me to a place where I can learn how to hand stitch it properly to make the stitches hidden? You may have it somewhere in your archives so I'm off to look.


Happy Birthday!!! Wanted to share how much I enjoy your blog. I especially found this post inspiring in wanting to make one of these quilts. Yours is beautiful and I hope mine comes out somewhere close to nice. I am using pillowcases found at thrift shops and some odds and ends I had in my stash.


I love your quilt! I saw a link to your blog from Carla, at Sew What's New? and just had to look. I recognize the sheet on the back! I bought that sheet set for my mom in the mid 70's! I see it often at Goodwill, but have never bought it, as orange doesn't fit into my decor, but I just might, now that I have seen your quilt. I hope it has warmed you and your family on many cold, dreary days and evenings. Be blessed, Michelle


OMGosh I love this quilt! A new thing for me to keep my eye out for on my thrifting adventures! Absolutely love it!


Oh my Word ! This quilt is just luscious !

Oh, no.......now I have to start collecting these linens !
Were yours poly/cotton blends, all cotton, or what? Any advice?


I love this quilt. What a great idea to use vintage sheets.

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