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January 22, 2010


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the socks and bag are great. And that part about kids thinking your weird...well, I know all about that. :)


I love your green socks, and it looks like you're well on your way to finishing the next pair!

I bet your kids squeal when something exciting happens to them!

Sheri Howard

Good for you, my daughter knits socks too. I think it is a fabulous talent! Yours look very warm!


Very nice! My favorite sock picture trick is to put the camera on the floor with the timer and then run and pose. ;-)

Love the new bag. So a package from Europe takes 2 - 4 weeks, but only 4 - 5 days from Australia??? What's up with that?

And WooHoo! You're already on the heel flap -- 1/4 done on a pair of socks. You Go Sister!


The socks are so beautiful, I love the pattern you used. And now you´ve started a new one, busy, busy, hehehehehe.....
Being weird, I know what you talking about...my kids think the same of me :o)
Sabine B. xxx

Jen in NY

I didn't know you were a knitter! The socks are beautiful! I tried to learn how to knit once...my mother-in-law taught me...but I gave up. I'm thinking of starting again!

LOVE the bag! My kids think I'm weird too...I think that goes with the mom territory! :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Nothing weird about anything you are saying or doing! And if anyone wants to debate that, just send them my way!
Love the socks....and the bag! Way cool!

happy zombie

Your socks are DARLING! And Sabine is the best. I hope you show all that she sent! That darn Deutsche Post mixed in with heaping helping of US Post... we used to mail Christmas packages to Germany in SEPTEMBER! Ok, so that was when they went by boat. But STILL.

Is it sunny for you today? If so... why are we sitting in front of our computers! Happy Sunny Day! xoxokma


Your socks are soooo cute !!!!! It's okay, my kids think I'm silly, also....


love how you pulled us in , thinking the socks were plain then that lovely pattern around the top -- give yourself a pat ihe back - love them


Oh definitely yes I noticed that bag! The socks are darling and they look warm and like they fit perfectly. I love that.


I confess the bag was the first thing I noticed. LOVE it! Congratulations on finishing the socks - and wishing you a speedy finish on the next pair!

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