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January 13, 2010


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Oho, you are crawling out of the bed, and I´m going in, hehehehe....
Sarah, the fabrics are sooooo sweet!!!!
Have a wonderful day!! I send you lots of snow!
Sabine P.xxxx

Sew Create It - Jane

The quilt on your design board is stunning. I love your colour choices!

Sandy Shirley

Why rush? The very best day for me is when I can stay in my jammies all day long!!! (Doesn't happen very often, though) Your fabrics are very lovely!


It is one great benefit of homeschooling. After 24 years, we are on the last leg with our youngest this year. What's next? I am hoping for great things :-)

The Chocolate Cat

There is nothing better than a pj day!!! My kids were still snoring when I left this morning to come to work, I would of loved to have stayed home with them!!!


Well? Did you make it by noon? That goose in the pond quilt is beautiful! As are the earrings. And the fabrics. Beauty all around!


Enjoy your cozy pj day! I have some pj's that I love to wear around the house - I get up and shower etc and put them on like clothes - I've even been known to go outside in them... lol.

Love your strawberry fabrics! And your swirly button...

Hugs - Shari


Lazy days are great! I must say, I love the quilt hanging on your design wall. Would you mind sharing the name of the pattern?


We have been crawling out of bed before the sun around here now that school is back in session. It is so hard this week to lift my head from the pillow. The quilt is so lovely and the jewelry sweet. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Such a lovely view from your window, and it looks like my favourite kind of day. Grey and rainy! I love to stay in bed too and jammy days are THE best! (I only homeschool for the jammy days!)

Brenda Kula

Nothing whatsoever wrong with pajamas. No reason we have to be June Cleaver and have on a dress cinched at the waist and heels, is there? Hope not. Cause I've never looked like that! Your coffee cozies are just precious. Your fabric stash and quilt is out of this world. And I love the sound of rain. It is my favorite music. I go to sleep each night with that on my sound machine. Trickling me away into dreamland.

Jen in NY

Oooh, purdy earrings! I'm going over to your etsy store after this...oh, and that quilt you're making is gaw-geous!

Your bed sure does look cozy and very comfortable! I know, every morning at six my alarm clock...er, I mean SON...wakes me up. It's hard to get up but I do love the mornings once I do!


I love what you have on your design wall - Beautiful!!!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


we actually had a lie in today -- 8am whoo hoo, not tomorrow though as hub has to start work at 8am which means we all have to get up and then drive him to work - do I feel like a taxi --yeah...


Lovely quilt to be on your design wall and I like the coffee cozies too!


Just love the striped fabric you chose for the sashing!


Hi There! I just discovered your blog and I especially love your tutorial on machine quilting. I have a question for you...is that brown church in Astoria? I think I recognize it as the church where my husband was baptized. He was born in Astoria. Of course, I'm sure there are a lot of beautiful old churches like that around, but it does look so familiar.

By the way, I love your sunny vintage sheet quilt. It's just lovely.

Charm Bracelets

The coffee cup idea is great!! It's physically and visually appealing. I bet this idea could really take off. You should think about making abusiness out of this =)

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