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December 04, 2009


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Oh...Oh...so festive!!...uh...If I can get rid of Mr. Brown Dirt can I come spend the
holidays with you!!!??


Your cat looks like Groucho Marx!
Love your blog.
Isn't it pathetic, those of us who are ruled by our house pets! LOL
Suz in the Tules


Would double stick tape work? If you haven't tried it....it wouldn't be *as* obvious I guess....just a thought...enjoying your blog!


The tree is so pretty! Looks like Christmas has taken up residence. Cheers! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


didn't even notice that tape. Your home is sooo pretty!


I'm feeling more Christmassy today than I have all week. Lots done...lots more to do but the list is getting smaller. Love your new little tree.


LOL! We've had to do that on our mantel before to keep the kitties off. Ugly, but it actually worked. :)

Your home is looking so festive!


So nice, and yes, I enjoy every minute, too although I´m feeling sick :o(
Sabine B.xxx


Your place looks so cozy and wintry. I haven't quite gotten into the spirit yet...thanks for helping me along.


That made me feel all comfy and cozy. Thank you so much!!

Sandy in Florida

Thank you, I have officially been inspired. I think I will have to start decorating. I love your arm warmers, you did an awesome job knitting them. They look perfect. :) I love your stove, even with the tape. Thanks for inviting me into your home, I feel like an old friend. God Bless You and have a great week. :)


Another fabulous stylized post. You always draw the reader in. The tree is priceless as is your family and that cat!

Rachael Rabbit

I love Christmas decorations!


That tree is such a treasure! I love vintage holiday decorations...they are the best ;)


Wow... love that vintage tree... It is attractive anywhere, but beautiful in your room!


Beautiful tree and arm warmers.

UK lass in US

How pretty. I love the arm warmers, too. I haven't tried that pattern yet.


I love the crystal tree - it's lovely! Tape is a good idea - I'm stealing that idea to keep the cat from sleeping on my sewing projects!

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the color changing trees look interesting...have a wonderful holiday


Merry Christmas, bloggy friend!

happy zombie

How did I miss this post? Oh I know... I have this friend who sends me links to really cute stuff and funny videos... and I get side tracked. Mmm hmmm.

I have my suspicions about Mr. Precious... he looks like he's ready to email off some links.

oxoxo and KMA, m


Lovely post! And it is so nice to see that my little kitty isn't the only one that likes to sit on my computer.

Happy Holidays!

homes in philippines

Your house looks quite festive and inviting! Lovely Christmas Tree.

Deirdre G

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