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December 28, 2009


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Some very wonderful happenings around your place over the holidays. Of course, the car being the exception. Mine was similar to yours. Good stuff all around, went to my family in NJ. Stayed over night. Packed to go to the hubby's family in PA. Got in the car to go and "Uh Oh, something doesn't sound right". Hmmm... What is it? Well, come to find out it was a very expensive suspension issue. So needless to say, we never saw the in laws, our car is in the auto repair, and we are just a wee bit poorer. Now you might say that since the car turned 100,000 miles last week that that was a bad omen. I say not. I like to think of it as starting all over again. But, with all of this, I still am enjoying the holiday with a smile on my face!!


Sounds like a wonderful time of year for sure... love the waffle maker! But of course the needlebook is the most special of all...

May your New Year be Bright with many Blessings for 2010...

PS How is Toulouse going? On the wall yet or ready for next year?


Oh Dear ! Poor car, but I love the look of those gingerbread cookies!

Nana of NC

What a wonderful post. I could taste the candy canes, smell the tree, wanted to pet those lucky critters of yours, appreciate the Wii sport injury (we Grandparents got our family one too!), wanted a bite of the waffle (especially the whipped cream), and love your little needle booklet. Yes, it IS the most wonderful time of the year...

Shiree Johnston

oh I am so with you, it certainly is the most wonderful time of the year! ..how can anyone be unhappy of grumpy when you start singing that song - way to go. Shame about your car 'tho

Jen in NY

I also have Wii arm. Santa brought one for us too. Bowling is my favorite so far!

So sorry about the car. At least they left a note (and a funny one at that)! Love all the pictures...especially your furry friends!


Beautiful pictures (except the car of course).


Where HAVE you been??? I'm going to have to give you double duty as punishment if you stay away so long again!!! That waffle maker is awesome! I have a belgian waffler, but it isn't nearly as cool and tippy like yours.

Sorry about the car -- and I hope you all get Wii arm in the other arm!!! (That's like saying break a leg when you go skiing!)


Oh a waffle maker!! That makes me come to you as quick as possible, hehehehe.....
And a Wii-arm? What are you going to tell me?? Is it because the Olympic Winter Games arenĀ“t far away?? Oh dear, you are doing your exercises without your sister??
Rosie is adorable and I love the gingerbread-decorating!!
Have a lovely time,
Sabine U.xxxx


Wish I thought to sing a song when son called last week to tell me he'd just been in a car accident. No injuries but the car is a goner! A mother's worst nightmare and he's 21! Looks like Christmas was a festive one at your house! Happy New Year.


Yay! You're back. I was (impatiently) lurking, hoping you would post some of your beautiful holiday decorations. Love the pics. So sorry about the car. I had that happen a month ago. At the school where I work. An email went out saying that a cat had been hit by a soccer ball. As I read on, I realized they were describing my car. Oh no! And I couldn't even be mad, how can you be mad at kids at recess?

If I start believing in reincarnation, can I come back as one of your pets? They look so cozy.


Um, that was supposed to be "car" - not "cat". I need some typing lessons.

happy zombie

Wii got Wii too! Heck, I have Wii Arm and Wii Wrist... just from setting up my dang Mii! I'm not a fan of that whacky curser. Be sure to bowl backwards. It's my favorite Wii trick. Naturally I learned it because I have amazing bowling skills (cough).

And WHAT THE FRECKLE!?!? How did you give Cassady freckles? Melvita is having a fit... she wants some too.

You car, oh my! But the singing... that's a gift - and thank you for sharing it. I was howling with laughter at the image of Mama smackin' you with the phone!

And the needle book... I'm glad you love it so, but my goodie from you... I love it mo. Mmmm hmmm. That's right. I'm all up in your BN telling you how much I love it. And you! xoxoBO


Oh, bummer about your car! Last Christmas, my husband backed our car into the babysitter's van - that was an expensive little ding all around. :-P

LOVE that little needlebook! I'm so jealous. Great job, Monica!


I've been watching out for you for ages ... glad you are back with us , that waffle maker looks awesome . Oh , yes , I nearly forgot we kept the snow over Christmas so awesome ... I can't remember the last time we had a white christmas. At least you weren't in the car , that's the main thing. Happy Christmas my friend :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Great photo journal - thank you for sharing!


The Blythe doll dress and waffles - both yummy! I've never been able to sew things quite that small. Your holidays look like everything went wonderfully.


I love your sense of humor
humor is a staple of life, if you ask me
keep sharing yours
blessings from me to you

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