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November 09, 2009


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Now that's a retreat I could handle...only sewing...no cooking or cleaning...lots of rain to keep me indoors...and FUN!!!!!!!!!


OMG! Your retreat looks like it was so much fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Jennifer :)

P.S. I love the roller skates...

happy zombie

THE. MOST. FUN. EVER!!!! I didn't want it to end, and so sad when it did. I'm so glad you posted to quickly. I laughed so hard reading this post... and now I cry. I guess I'll just keep reading it over and over - and ooohing and ahhhing over your beautiful photos!

I'm still unpacking and have not yet found my camera. So IF the IS such a video... it will come tomorrow or Wednesday. I still need to find Trampy Pony too. Who BTW the way asked me to say to Dancing Pony... "what up B-N!".

Suddenly craving a fire roasted Slim-jim. Hmm.


Looks like you had so much fun! Love the fabrics you are working with.


I'm giggling just seeing the pictures of your fun retreat! Holy Cow. I am jealous. Super jealous. I loved reading the captions to your pictures. And of course the pictures are always fabulous in your camera.


That looks like so much fun. Where was this held? That is beautiful rainy countryside.
your table-mate looks like quite a fun lady too.
I loved the captions and the pictures. thanks for sharing


Oh my goodness, I can't believe you're so quick to blog! I feel like I'm just now catching my breath. It was great to meet you, and thanks for the bloggy mention. :-)


This looks like SO much fun! I want to go on a quilt retreat! I wouldn't even know where to find out about such a thing. How cool!

Jen in NY

I have a serious case of jealousy going on right now. SERIOUS, I tell you! Looks like a ton of fun. You and Monica together must be a hoot. Beautiful quilts--I love your mom's! P.S. I think I used to have those blue sneaker roller skates back in the day!


i love that motion photo of the red, white, and blue quilt. Fantastic!

Robin Anderson

Sarah, you captured the weekend perfectly. It was a blast. Fun to spend some time with you and your Mom.

Sally Paxton

Hmmmm. I'm a bit worried about the behavior of Monica's My Little Pony. I'm not convinced she's the ONLY trampy pony at the retreat, though.

Sally (Karen's sister)


Oh Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. Just you two wait until I talk to Hubby about this. There's going to be words. Or a meeting. Or Something. You two owe me a LOT of sewing time while you take care of other duties -- do you think it was fun holding down the fort without you???

I may or may not LOVE that first quilt AND those cookies. (Which, btw, would go a long way toward soothing my hurt feelings LOL!)


How beautiful the pictures look, they made me wish to stay there too.... :o)
And the Union Jack -Quilt is my favorite, so wonderful.
So nice you are home back safe. I canĀ“t wait to see more!
Sabine B.xxx


OMG! It looks like you guys had such a blast!...and you got to sit next to Monica!..I wouldn't have been able to get anything done!

BTW-The last retreat that I went on, all I did was eat and talk, with a little bit of sewing in between!

Thanks for sharing.


It looks like a ton of fun. I'm pea green for a variety of reasons.

Can't wait to see your Union Jack quilt. I just died when I saw it, I just got that pattern!!!!

Karen Snyder

I don't know what was more fun--sewing, eating or late night antics. Okay, it was the late night antics! So glad you were part of this year's retreat.


I love the block you first posted what pattern is that from?? LOVE IT!!


What a fantastic retreat, it sounds perfect. I hope Monica got a telling off, she likes to live dangerously. I enjoyed the show and tell and all the wonderful phots, thanks for sharing.


Wow! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures on the setting, the quilts and the ponies!


looks like lots of fun!!! i bet there was never a dull moment sewing next to monica. :)


Oh, wow! You've done such a beautiful job capturing the fabulousness of the weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pictures! It was so great getting to meet you and all of the other lovely ladies at retreat. :)


I was looking through your site and saw the picture of your wood stove. Where did you get it? Is it old or new?


Wow. What a great retreat. This is one of the best posts I've ever read anywhere - you've captured all the amazing elements of what a retreat is all about - and I just love those cookies! Fantastic - so glad it was such a good time... have you recovered yet?


I enjoyed your retreat and I wasn't even there! Would have love to attend that one myself and I would have joined you on the skates!

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