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November 17, 2009


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Wow! That's going to be a beautiful quilt. I LOVE the colors you've chosen. Hope Big Sis gets better soon!


My word, girl! Sounds as if you have a bad case of Cabin Fever!

Vicki W

There's no better nurse than a puppy nurse! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!


Oh no, I didnt mean to sound seriously grumpy!! I was just in a silly mood as I typed. Just blame my kooky sense of humor. :)


I was already going to comment because I love your Carrie Nelson quilt...but the last lines are awesome...I do feel like shaking my fist at my list of chores...and just sewing!


Oh, sorry your gal is feeling sick. That's not fun. Hope she continues to feel better. Love that you give her 7up, my mom used to do that.

Your quilt is gorgeous! I'm jealous. It will be so pretty in your house - you do such a nice job decorating for the holidays.


What a great quilt! Please proceed! LOL! Hope the sickie is feeling much better. Moms (and dachshunds) have that special touch.


That quilt is just so gorgeous and the fabrics you picked make it so.


Your quilt blocks are beautiful! I love the colors you used! :0)


Good to hear that the puppy therapy helped Big Sis! Your blocks are truly wonderful. It is no surprise that you would want to drop everything and play with that quilt for awhile! It's all about doing what makes you happy, right? :)


Oh wow what a beautiful quilt! Hope the sick ones are doing better.


There is nothing better than puppy therapy when you are feeling under the weather! I hope your little one feels better soon! Your quilt squares are to die for!!!! What a beautiful choice of fabrics, WOW! Thanks for sharing!
Have a great day!


The quilt is so pretty and the colors gentle and comfy. I hope your sweet one is feeling better soon. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


I WISH our puppy snuggled more. Puppy snuggles cure so much.


Puppy therapy works every time.

and I agree, work on whatever is going to make you feel good.


Toulouse looks great! Wonderful colours too. Gad to hear that Big Sis is feeling better, the power of puppy healing huh!

happy zombie

I think a fried peanut butter and banana sammy ought to do the medicinal trick! Glad Big Sis on the mend! And good golly, lock up the Robitussin so ACQ Pony doesn't get into it!

Oh your blocks look so beautiful. I can't wait to see it all done. But It looks beautiful as it is. Nine mini quilts! I love the pattern and love your fabric selection. Bea. U. Ti. Ful!

Yelping with laughter over your talk with the closet, quilt tops, laundry and chores. I should let you know I tried your shaking fist and tip... but all that came up was one finger.


Oh poor little girl!! Give her my best wishes for her and a big thanks to Rosie that she is being with her sooo nice!!!
The quilt looks absolutely beautiful and I would love to see all the other things you´re working on. Wonderful!!!!!!
Have a good night my dear friend and sleep well!
Sabine N-B-T-E xxxxxx


What a beautiful quilt this is going to be. You keep playing and having fun. Your puppy is so adorable and I hope Big Sis feels better soon.

Libby Dillard

Puppies DO make everything better!! Beautiful quilt! This post is so funny and timely! I got the message, and I plan on today, working on something fun, something that I want to do! Thanks!


Nothing makes you feel better than a warm puppy. That is one lovely quilt!


These blocks are beautiful! I cant wait to see this in its next steps!

Jen in NY

LOL Sarah! You show those dishes who's boss! Hmmph!

Glad your daughter's doing better. Those are such sweet pictures of her and the pup. Is that why you chose that pattern, since the company is named after your dog? :-) What a beautiful quilt it's going to be. You have such a gift for putting fabrics together. Can't wait to see it when it's done.
Luv, Jen


Your pieceing is VERY good! I looked at it close up, since it seemed so nice far away...and it is even better close up! You will have a beautiful quilt when you are finished!

I hope your daughter is feeling better.

Miss Jean

I'm glad Big Sis is feeling better! I love the fabrics in the quilt. Just beautiful. Is it a line or from your scrap bag?

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