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October 22, 2009


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Steffany Wells

I am so happy for you, what a piece of history to pass down. BTW, I love your magnet board idea.


What a lucky find! I'm so glad that your great grandmother's sewing machine found it's way home to you.

The painted motif on the machine is really beautiful. They just don't make things like they used to.


Wow what a great story. And I am so happy for your and little Miss Singer that she and your family have been reunited! Happy stitching.

D Spack

Auh, my mom has one of those in her basement...I wonder...


She is absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad she finally came home to you.

Jen in NY

It's so pretty! It was meant to be yours. We always had one like that in our family, although my mom never sewed. She just liked antiques. I'm afraid to ask my dad if he still has it (because I'm pretty sure he doesn't). I would looove to have one of those babies! The old threads and doo-hickeys are so fun too. Don't stop with the pics!


What a wonderful story! That is so great that it found its way back to you. It was meant to be.


Oh. My. Gosh! I seriously got tears in my eyes reading your story -- I'm so excited for you! She's absolutely gorgeous!!! I've dreamed of finding my g-grandmother's machine. Last I knew a cousin had it and who knows where it is now? It's serendipity that your machine found its way back to you!


Congratulations! Almost brought a tear to my eye. I learned to sew on one very like that belonging to my grandmother. I have no idea what happened to it. I'm glad you got this one back! Happy sewing.

Catherine Godwin

What a fabulous story!! That machine was meant to make its way to you!!


i have tears in my eyes, too...what a beautiful machine and she's finally home...lucky you and lucky her...☺♥


How amazing and wonderful to get the old family friend back! Such a stroke of luck to meet that lady on that day....I remember how I felt when I brought my treadle home. My DH drove over 200 miles to pick her up for me, how lucky am I?


How lucky to have a family heirloom back in the family again! The treadle machine my grandmother had went to a cousin who doesn't even sew! So I just went out and bought one of my own. Now my daughter will have a family heirloom even though it only started with my generation! :0)

 sheri howard

I am happy for you. Happy that it has its bobbins, happy that it works, and even happier that it is back in your family!


It`s wonderful to read about your sewing machine`s journeys and I`m happy it is home with you. My Singer`s 50 years and older sew better than anything on the market today. I love`em.


Have a great day!


She's a beauty and the most amazing thing is she's your family heirloom! How absolutely thrilling. I have an oldie I found at an antique store 20+ years ago for $57! I didn't sew then so the machine stayed in the cabinet and I used the cabinet for a typing table...yes, I'm of the pre-computer era.


brought a lump to my throat -- i bet she could tell you some stories

Kelly O.

congratulations! that is awesome!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Great family heirloom with a great story!


She is so pretty and very special because your grandma sewed with her. I think I may have her sister (purchased at an auction) at my house someone put an electric motor on her, but she is still in her treadle cabinet (absolutely perfect tiny stitches). I have the featherweight my Dad gave my Mom before they got married, I get sentimental about my sewing machines. Congrats on your treasure!


Oh wow...what a lovely machine and story to go with it....soooo glad you got it back in the family!!!

Brenda Gipson

I have a machine just like that and they are great for little girls to learn to sew on.I would help my daughter sew Barbie dresses on mine.


This is an absolutely amazing story.. one that never happens in real life. I have tears in my eyes! What a gorgeous machine, even if it didn't belong to your grandmothers. But that part makes it truly wonderful.
Washboard is a good idea too. It just fits. :-)
This gal has a blog on old attachments and how to use them. She also wrote a book. :-)


Oh such sentimental sweetness! Wonderful story with such a happy ending. This whole story makes reuniting with this treasure all the better. Thanks for sharing. :)

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