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September 29, 2009


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Meine Liebe,
these slippers are the most beautiful slippers I´ve ever had and I´m wearing them yery proudly!!!! Big kiss!!!!
And all the other things....hmmmmm....wonderful!!
Your Montana pictures are so nice and I would love to see them all!
Schlafe gut,
Sabine U-P-S xxx

happy zombie

The slippers are darling! And for Sabine... how sweet! I just hope she's not wearing them on a train. ;-)

As soon as I saw the first pic, I screamed "CATALDO"! Karen and I stopped there on our way to a quilt retreat near Missoula. Karen said she'd passed it so many times and has never stopped... and we both agreed... we had to stop. We were the only ones there, and by the looks of your photo - the ACQ Family had the place all to your selves too. I love seeing all of your photos and can't wait to see your MT pics.

BTW... I hope you stopped in Wallace, ID. I went tree photo gaga there. Oh the trees!


CUTE!!! Love the red ticking. Yesterday it turned slipper wearing day in Central Ohio! Wonderful mission photos. Being from CA I've visited lots of missions. The kids do a unit on missions in 4th grade. I had no idea there were any in Idaho.


Beautiful little slippers! You're so funny -- I'm glad you branched out and gave us more photos than normal hahaha. And I'm very happy that you let the weiner dog out of the car -- she doesn't look like she's whining in that picture!


I live in Southern Idaho. I have never been to the Cataldo Mission. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

The slippers are delightful. Your friend will love them, I am sure!

Have a great day.


Ah those beautiful slippers, I love that book and I have made the slippers too.
I love that you have a lot of pictures, pictures often speak for themselves.

Kelly O.

those slippers are fabulous! must get that book!

Jenn Baker

I look forward to those pics! I was born in Montana and haven't had a chance to get back there in several years. Thanks for sharing!


I love Cataldo Mission... especially the smell.. I know I'm weird. That area is so pretty. You're very inspirational making the beautiful things from the Tilda books... I have the books but have never tackled the projects. I may just have to make those cute cozy slippers.


Wonderful slippies! I just love the pics. History, architecture, and outdoor beauty, just can't be beat!


Oooh. Love the slippers. I always think slippers are a good idea and then forget to wear them. Great pictures of the Mission. There is another pretty one in St. Ignatius, Montana.

white o'morn cottage

Hi I bought the book after seeing your little dogs in last post. Now I want to make the pretty slippers too. Cheers Pam, Ireland


OMG...just YESTERDAY I was sitting looking at these slippers in my own copy of this Fabulous book...LOL...you see, I was just looking....you were actually DOING. These are so sweet and prissy!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Sweeeeet slippers!

I LOVE the photos of the old mission. Gorgeous! You did an amazing job with them. My favorites is the view out the front door, the row of trees and the old grave marker. Days were different make then. Just a lovely place to go.


Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Your slippers look gorgeous! I have that book and I've been wondering if I'll have a go at those or not! Maybe I should!! Great photos!!


I made those slippers too. They were kind of hard I thought - at least the directions were confusing. I could do it again easily but I don't have time now. I love slippers. Ok the church/mission - awesome. Not the right word - amazing. No not that either - incredible. Hmm. Can't find the right word. I love all your photos. I love cathedrals and old churches so much ever since I read Pillars of the Earth.


I have that very same book. I loved the pic of those slippers,but often wondered if they were hard to make and if they were comfy....so, are they?
I loved the fact you used wool on the inside.

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