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August 17, 2009


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I heart pie and I really heart your new aqua jars!!!


Wow you had a busy day! I love your aqua jars. They are so pretty. Enjoy your new school year :-)

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Everything looks so pretty!! (especially your jars!) Hope the dollies are doing better today in school!! I'm starting the home schooling journey next year... I'm just getting ready to start ordering my first supplies! Love your sheet quilt... I have a stash of sheets to cut up for the same purpose!

Jen in NY

*sniff* Well those stitcheries made my heart just melt. So, so sweet!

One of my pin-eating cats is named Holly Berry! How funny. The American Girl school setup is too cute. Your girls seem like they're off to a good start to the school year. You too, Teach!

Can't wait to see that gorgeous quilt done! Oh and those aqua jars? Score! They're perfect!


Those girls are fast tracking! Love their doll setups. Good for you for being ahead of the game. Good job, teacher!

Love those aqua jars..very cool. Also will be awaiting the process of your sheet quilt, I love that too!!

 sheri howard

Cute blue jars, cute red thread....I think I need that thread!


Oh Sarah,
the stitchery is the cutest!!
And I love your (new) jars too, they look beautiful.
The school scene with the dolls makes me smile, I love all the lovely details of it.
Have a wonderful evening and sleep well,
Sabine B..xxxx


LOVE this post ! I am also a home schooler. I have been enjoying your blog for sometime now and somehow didn't even know you home schooled...We are still awaiting our curriculum to start !!! My daughter is going into 4th and my son in 10th. We also got the American Girl School set..just last week for my daughter's birthday..which you will see a post about all that soon she also got the new doll Rebecca, and so excited about playing school with her. Hope to get to know you better. Thanks for dishing out all the beauty here !! Hugs, Mica
The Child's Paper


Eeeek! Look at that fab embroidery -- congratulations to Little Sis! Looks like you've been very busy, however I'm a little concerned with the dolls flunking the math test. Tsk, Tsk. Can't wait to see what that little sneaky peek is all about!!!


Beautiful post, but I think the little embroideries are my favorite part. What a great little sewist you have there!

happy zombie

Oooooooooooooooooooh... Lil Sis's embroidery. And Pricilla's class mates. How adorable! You ACQ girls never stop amazing me with your ways. I love this post - even though I love all of your posts!

I'm glad you mentioned blackberries... I need to go check ours. We cut back so many of our bushes this spring, but left a few in my little forest cove. It's love/hate with the blackberries. Why can't the bushes be pretty? Gosh, I could be a master gardner if they were!

I love B2S supplies too! LOVE THEM. I wish there was a store that was year round back-2-school stuff.

I seem to be rambling, but I thought of you the other day when my Fred Meyer receipt didn't print properly... it said Fred Me. Are you cracking up? I am. I know you are too. Hahahhaha.


Well always something cute here at Anyone Can Quilt. I loved school supplies as a kid. Love office supplies now. I have a "problem" with sharpies. Old habits. My youngest 2 go back to school Thursday. Weird day to start. Love your sheet quilt. That quilt back is wonderful. My sister gave me another old sheet. I will save it for the back of my sheet quilt. When it is done. It is a WIP. Gotta TCB myself I guess!


What a precious post. I too love the smell of new school supplies. I have just retired from education and although I am loving free time, I miss some of those special moments.

Carrie P.

I homeschooled my kids for 16 years and we still went out and got new supplies. Something to look forward to.
Lil Sis is doing a great job on her stitcheries.


How cute! Love the way the sheet quilt is coming together!


we've still got 3 weeks of summer hols left yet !! Those Blythe dresses are so cute and as for the little accessories - just great. I remember those pens , did you ever have one like that but it had about 20 colours in it and the middle bits used to get stuck lol. As for your secret project , hmmm, my first thought was bunny ears ( i have bunnies on the brain ) and then matryoshka dolls ? ( is that how you spell it ?


I love this whole post! The TCB just cracks me up. Long live Elvis!

I love the American Girl dolls. My girls are 13 and 11 now and hardly touch theirs *sniff*.

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