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August 08, 2009


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I think the polka dot brown was the perfect binding for a pretty quilt. Gorgeous photos. I love small towns...not so sure about the shag carpet but my folks still have theirs! Did you find any treasures in any cute little antique shops?

Kim Walus

That brown polka dot binding really works well and showcases the rest of the wonderful quilt. I love it. The rest of your pictures give us a look into a great road trip. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with your family.

happy zombie

Ooooooh I loved seeing all the pics and reading about your trip. Magical.

Of course my favorite pic is the one you sent me! I LOVED IT!!!


It looks like you had a wonderful time. It looks like a beautiful place to live.


Beautiful pictures and thanks for taking us along. I especially love the last two pics.


I just love looking at people's photos, I would probably look at all 830 of yours!

Washington looks like it has some amazing countryside. And your aunt and uncle have an enviable lifestyle.


Wow! What a fantastic view! The baby quilt is fantastic -- I'll be the new mother just loved it. That binding is just PERFECT! BRAVO! I would NEVER have thought to use brown, but I LOVE LOVE It!!!

Now, let me see...a new cousin...it's not me...did SW1 have a baby??? No wait, that's halfs, not cousins....isn't it???


What a great trip, a perfect quilt and wonderful photos.......thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Barb


Great pictures!


Enjoyed your pictures! I love baby feet - they are so cute!


Such a sweet baby quilt and adorable little feet. I loved seeing all the photo's, it looks like a beautiful part of the world. One where you could loose track of time easily.


What a wonderful post about your lovely trip! The brown dotted binding was the perfect choice.. and I loved looking at all the different prints.

Beautiful place.. and family. :-)

 sheri howard

Thanks for the mini vacation with your photos....looks like you had so much fun! Loved Rosie! Interesting that pets know when you are gone and how excited they are to see you!


I just love the quilt - it is beautiful!


That brown polka dot is absolutely perfect!!! It really completes the quilt! Love the scenery pics too...


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful!!! So much to see for me!! Thanks for that!!
Sabine P. xxxx


LOVE the brown polkadot...I use it regularily.
Your trip photos were wonderful, you have a great eye. Looks like a fun summertime, so far!


Oooh, the pictures are gorgeous - they just say summer!


What a wonderful trip! I could just look at that view all day.

The brown binding is perfect - I never would have thought of that. I think I'm going to try chenille for a quilt back now.


i love your posts and your pictures so much...especially the ones of the girls doing the things they do...coloring, etc...it always makes me smile...☺


First of all you always take the best photos. Your blog is superior even just for that! This patchwork quilt is so cute. I love putting chenille on the back of quilts. I'm debating on it for one I'm making for my daughter's graduation. The white chenille is so perfect. The countryside and those little feet say what a wonderful trip you had.

Carrie P.

Thanks for sharing the great day that you all had. Looks like a lot of fun. Great garden too. Blueberries look so yummy. Love the baby quilt too.


what a gorgeous place to go for a holiday, we have just welcomed a new family member too, all 10lb 5oz of her - unfortunately she won't be getting anything as lovely as that quilt as her mam doesn't appreciate handmade !!


Your trip looks like so much fun! I love the quilt - it is so beautiful.

sweet cottage dreams

LoVE the quilt!!!! You are inspiring me to use my 30's inspired fabrics!!

The baby toes are just too sweet! tee hee. **smile**

Looks like a fun time and what a gorgeous place to visit. You are right..that garden is perfect!


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