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August 27, 2009


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You SURE did find some treasure! I love treasure hunting too. Love the mason jars!


That aqua glass is so pretty. I suddenly feel the urge to go thrifting myself. :)


Wow - I don't even know where to start... maybe with the morning. Rosie is so cute. I completely understand how she feels - I love mornings, but it takes me a couple of minutes to get going, too. Your photographs of the foggy Oregon morning are gorgeous!

Love the mason jars. I've never even seen them that colour. So pretty. And your other treasures are great, too, especially the teapot. Lucky girl, to find such wonderful things!

The quilt is beautiful. I like the yellow - it's so happy. Your mom did a great job! Happy quilting! Can't wait to see what you do with it.


Beautiful photos and sweet little Rosie. I love the cookie cutters. I recognize some of them from my childhood.


Aaauhhhh....now I can go to bed happy!!!


Wow really love your treasures. And your pictures are so beautiful. Love the flowers and the ivy. Thanks for sharing.


I love those aqua mason jars, but I never find any that are reasonably priced! Also that quilt is just gorgeous, I can't wait to see what it looks like after you've quilted it!


I know you'll work magic on that lovely vintage quilt. The yellow gives it a certain zing. I'm loving your new teapot.


Heeeeeeeelp!!! These aqua mason jars are the best!!! But you know what I would put inside instead of powdered sugar??? Hehehe!!
And all the other tresures are so beautiful and so much fun to look at. And the quilt with the star is wonderful. Don´t worry about the yellow ;o)
Have a wonderful weekend too and don´t be so cruel to Mrs Rosie. She is a little princess!
Sabine P-B xxxx

 sheri howard

What a very nice post! Such lovely things!

Kelly O.

Great post! Lots of whimsy :)


Your photos are always so amazing! And I just love seeing the really green green of the North West - in Oz where I live a lot of our greens are grey-greens, blue-greens or yellow-greens. It's the hot, dry climate. Although with all the rain we've had recently you wouldn't think so. But our dams are still not at even half capacity...

Just love your blue glass. Just so charming and homey and comfy... and that's a great teapot. I always make my tea in a pot... We have one that is just for black tea. And when I want a herbal or flavoured tea I have to use a different one as my husband does not want a hint of the flavour in the same pot! I guess I understand that and it means I get to have more teapots. What a shame...LOL


lovely finds! love those ball jars! and your mother found a realy beauty! that stuff always makes my heart melt!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Thank you for the wonderful photo tour today!!!

Carrie P.

Lovely photos.
You got some great zinc lids for the jars. It is hard to find them in such good condition. I know because I look for them all the time. Been lucky a couple of times.

Jen in NY

Hi Sarah! Did you know my son's name is Mason? We love Mason jars around here. I love that yours say "Perfect Mason." He'd appreciate that! I'll have to show him.

Once, he opened gooseberrypatch.com (I have it as a favorite), saw the Mason jar things there and when I next went into my shopping cart, there were 1000 Mason jars in it! Mind you he's 5. Luckily he doesn't know my credit card number.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome pictures...you find the best stuff!! Love, Jen


Thank you, thank you! You've made an Oregon girl living elsewhere very happy. Beautiful, foggy Oregon mornings are the best.


I love your out of the window pics - beautiful. I've never seen those jars before but they are just gorgeous too, they go well with the violins and the lovely fuschias . As for the quilt I'm not sure either - maybe it will look better once you do your thing :-)


Thank you so much for posting all these wonderful pictures! The fog picture was beautiful. Love your Rosie, the flowers and the neat things you're collecting. I'll be back again soon!

I see what you mean about the yellow on the quilt. It does draw the eye to that area. I look forward to seeing it after you quilt it.



Oh, please tell me that you have snails the size of poodles so I won't be so envious of your wonderful weather. Your fucshias are amazing. Mine are sad right now from the California heat. Hubby and I just love Oregon. We're overdue for a trip up to Bandon but probably won't make it till next year.

I love all of your finds and I can't wait to see how you quilt the quilt from your Mom. I have one similar to it and have been hesitant to machine quilt it. I've been afraid it would harm it in some way. Good luck.


I love the photos, especially the one of the ferns!

happy zombie

I would stick with you if this post was triple in size and I had to traverse four big red balls to read it. Besides, I can't get enough. Even though it was a marathon of scrolling. I could have used my "end" key... but my scrolling finger needed the exercise.

I'm dying over the quit top your mom found. I love the fabrics, the colors, even the yellow (it takes a weirdo to know a weirdo). xoxom


I love your web site their is so much natuaral beauty in life and you help to show it! Thank you your family is so sweet

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