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June 24, 2009


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green with envy...that's all i'm sayin'...☺

Maree @ Farmyard Crafts

Beautiful scenery, beautiful crafty room, beautiful dinner, beautiful company, beautiful part of the world!! Isn't it great to catch up with bloggy friends! :)


Sigh. I had to look at the pictures all several times. Does she live in paradise or something! My gosh!! I live in a land locked state and I'm still not used to it after living here 30 years. I was just saying how I miss the water. Someday I will visit Oregon. I've never been there. We have had 2 trips planned and things always seem to come up. But that won't always be the case. I hope. It is fun to see everything through your eyes. Thanks so much for sharing. The famous studio of Monica! How wonderful. The girl has taste! Gobs of it. But so do you. Your home is lovely too. I could comment on each picture but we'd both be here all day. Monica is one of the nicest people I've "met" blogging. So genuine, gracious and inclusive. I appreciate that so much. I'm telling you. We quilty gals have just the best people to rub shoulders with. Best ever.


Goodness, I wish I was there, too. Of course as a newbie sewer/quilter, I would have been totally out of my depth. But if I could have been a fly on your camera - well. And, as a former Oregon girl (who still considers herself an Oregon girl) I would have loved to smell the salt air and felt the rain on my face. You live a blessed life when you live in Oregon. Glad you had a great time!


There's just so much I don't understand about this post. First of all, what's with the husbandS -- plural??? Is there something I don't know about??? And I'm not sure about the view from your room, but the view from Monica's room is SOOOOO much better than the view from my room. It's beautiful there -- all I see is cornfields. Is that because she's #1 and clearly providing more than moi??? And finally, I feel so left out! You'll have to compensate me by letting me take care of the girls when you're... well, you know. That's only fair compensation since hubby was shooting blanks and I only got boys!


Sarah, the shelf.....I can´t shut my mouth!!! It´s incredible and worth to look at it for months. It´s such a beauty and full of the most lovely things ever.
And the view from your balcony is absolutely amazing. Sigh, I wish I would have seen all these things in real.
Sabine xxx


Ohhhh I'm so envious. I love being in Astoria, hangin out with Monica and my bridge, I love that bridge. We stayed at the HI Express under the bridge (like trolls) and loved watching people go over the bridge from our beds, and boats coming and going. I must have 200 pictures of the bridge and boats. I'm glad you had fun, I know Monica and Tom are the greatest and believe me I'm a little weepy with the missing her right now.Thanks for the sharing. She said she had a wonderful time with you guys and how delightful your girls and CB Rose were.

Jen in NY

What a great trip, Sarah. Oregon looks sooo pretty. I grew up on the water (the east coast) and I miss it. Love all the pictures, especially the ones of the girls doing their stitching in the car (how awesome is that?) and of Cowgirl Rosie. I really think she is my favorite dog ever. Too funny about the mean teeth. LOL


I have a love/hate relationship with that bridge! I'm from Washington, but will soon be moving to Oregon. I just have to say, that one of my favorite movies was filmed in Astoria, The Goonies! Looks like a fun trip!! Can't wait to have weekends in Astoria and the coast. We miss the water!

happy zombie

Gaaaaaah. I'm speechless.

Your post, the comments (Pam and Nanette and you had me in tears... and Thimbleanna's made we want to run and get her a plane ticket west).

I'd mention what a wonderful, funny, cute, talented, kind and outgoing person you are (and your girls... Priscilla and Little Sis... and Lt. ACQ... how amazing and nice and wonderful they are... and Cowgirl Rosie who was HILARIOUS and gave my dogs some exercise and fun)... but gonna save it for my post about you!


oh....i have been pouring over your pictures. The minute i saw the first one i knew it was Astoria. I love it there...when we lived in WA we went there and down the coast a little every year. But we always stayed in Astoria. I love the tower and the views and the bridge...they are all amazing. It looks like you had a awesome trip.


What a wonderful day you had. The tower painting? was amazing. It is so good to meet other blogging friends in the real world.

Thanks for popping in my new blog.


wow - I;m not surprised Rosie fell asleep - it looks like you had the most awesome time - the views, the pics , everything , just amazing. I'm surprised your camera hasn't conked out .. I've been a bit MIA lately too knitting knitting :-)

Carrie P.

I wish I was there too. What a great day!


My husband and I are great lovers of Oregon! We've been through Astoria twice. The first time we stayed in a motel right under the bridge. No cars fell off during the night so we figured it was safe! I think it's called The Astoria Tower, actually. The first time we were there they were refurbishing the outside so we couldn't go in. The second time it was open. Hubs climbed all the way to the top. I got about ten stairs up and literally had to crawl back down.

The next time we are in Astoria I'm going to stand in the middle of the street and yell, "MONICA! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Perhaps you should warn her!

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