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June 23, 2009


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Missy Ann

Wow. Just WOW.

And hey! That's Over The River! I'm working on that quilt today in fact.



can you tell us more about this picture? do you know about the pattern? I *love love love love love* them... seasonal! so wonderful!


I can't even imagine having a studio like that. The lighting is wonderful! I am drooling over those shelves of fabric. What a great opportunity for you!


I've never seen anything like it before, what an incredible studio.


I see what you mean about overwhelming (in a good way). Wow - I love that studio, I love all those quilts, I love the fridge, and the mini cabin... I'm swooning! I can hardly catch my breath!

You are so lucky, lucky, lucky!


Oh my goodness. I think my mouth would have been hanging open. Too much beauty for one post and TEA too!


It was so nice to meet you and your girls. Your pictures of Karen's studio were wonderful.

happy zombie

What a magical day (and night!) that was. So much fun we had, and your girls are the best girls in the whole wide world! THe ACQ family is just the best. The best of the best. Though, the ACQ family has one flaw... well, more like 3 flaws... a flaw for each hour that you live so far away!

I loved my gifites too... thank you so much. ANd how funny that "Coffee Time" was so fitting since I had coffee instead of tea - at tea! I love the pic of me (not a common sentence to come from my mouth) - and I love that Karen is not amused at whatever I'm cracking up about. Hahahahaha.

I <3 ACQubees! <--- That sound really good in my head... my lame attempt at I heart Huckabees.

happy zombie

PS, sweet sweet lady with the darling laugh is Loretta.


Wow...how lucky are you! There's so much here in this post! Can't wait for part 2!

Jen in NY

You know, I could totally see you and Monica being buds. You both have great senses of humor and happy attitudes toward life. Now if we could just add *me* to the mix somehow...!

Karen's studio is like the nicest quilt shop I've ever seen. Looks like a fun group! And how cool your girls were there to stitch as well! So glad you had a fun trip. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see more!


AAACCCCKKKKKKK! It looks like a fabulous day -- what lucky, lucky girls you ALL were!!!


Ohandiforgot.Breath. . . As a person who loves thistles, that thistle water pitcher is fabulous!


Seriously I could cry. I am crying. I want to be there! I've never ever in my life seen a studio like that. On my first glance through the post I thought it was a quilt store. Then I thought no! It can't be a studio. Who is this Karen and why is she not my best friend!!! Orange and turquoise swooon. Be still my fat little heart. Seriously. Oh my gosh Sarah. I could only dream of a trip like this. I am in shock and I want to be that cute little doll and come along. Can't wait for more! My dream is to meet Monica. I'm not star struck by people like Angelina or Brad. I'm star struck by people like you, Monica, Pam . . . need I go on? I'm a total groupie. And now this Karen just may have a stalker!


Everything about this post is fantastic and beautiful! I just wish that we lived closer and I could enjoy all of this with you in person! What a treat to get to share through all of your journaling! How fabulous to see the ladies with needle in hand too! Be still my heart!!!!


This was such a delightful post!!

Your photography as always...sends me over the edge!!

Thank you for stopping by Sarah...and tea? anytime!!!


What a wonderful long post, with wonderful persons and pics. You lucky girl, you!!!
I can´t wait to see more and I wish I could stay there with you!
Sabine B. xxxx


i love the pincushion that holds the spools of thread and looks like a flower... is that a pattern somewhere?


OH MY.....all the orange 'thingies'...AND all the other good 'thingies'...!!!


OMG!!!!I am so jealous!......Looks like the most FABULOUS day!

Thanks for sharing and letting us drool over everything!

BTW-Love the Blythes!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

What a wonderful bunch of eye candy! What I wouldn't give for a studio like that. Thanks for sharing.


wish i was there, too! what fun and your daughters got to go! ☺ your pics are always so gorgeous...come here for a photo shoot soon?????!!!!!


WOW!!! We are so lucky that you are Camera Happy! One doesn't get to see things like this often enough. and to actually have been there. I love that studio.. and thank you for all the wonderful close-ups of the vintage double wedding ring.. that was awesome!


Is this her HOME studio? So not fair! Really. Even if I did enjoy the pictures - and I definitely did. Wow. Just wow.


It was a wonderful day, wasn't it?? Meeting you and your daughters (lovelies, they are like their mama) and to have tea, too! So glad that you were able to come to Redwork, too! It is always a fab time, hopefully, you can come again!
Great shots of tea, the studio, the quilts, the gals....very nice camera work, my dear!

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