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June 03, 2009


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Oh, I´m trying again, my first comment is lost somewhere in the www....
Your quilt is absolutely stunning, Sarah! It looks fantstic and you did such a great work.
And yes, I know you´ve written a tutorial about machine quilting, hehehe....but I need you here to show me.
So hurry up,
Sabine B.xxx

kristine hanson

oh my...that is lovely!! I am most defintatly doing some swaps like that next time I see one!

Lisa D.

Wow, that is truly an incredible quilt! Nice job of putting those swap blocks to use in a beautiful keepsake!


Absolutely stunning! I was so impressed with your stipple quilting and then I saw your link to your tutorial. I have all the tools I need to try it except "nerve". You may have just bolstered my confidence a bit now. Sorry you ran out of M&Ms. For me lately it the chocolate/yogurt-covered raisins from Aldi's. Yummy!


The names are so cute added like this!!! I"m totally completely stealing this idea. I love your quilt. LOVE. I've been looking at the pictures of it for 10 minutes now. You did such a good job. I really really love it. Applause!


Wow what a beauty! Sure is big :-) You mentioned in your machine quilting tutorial, that you use your walking foot to sew the borders before quilting. Have you ever had any puckering in the back doing it that way??


Fantastic work. The quilt is stunning. The blocks look lovely together and such a great idea to add the names of the makers on the blocks.


I love your quilt - it is amazing! I so badly want to learn to machine quilt. I'm going to check out your tutorial - thank you!


How do I love thee? GORGEOUS!!! Love everything about it.


Any suggestions on handling all the fabric in your lap while quilting? It seems so bulky. I have a regular machine but am hesitant to try a large quilt.
By the way, yours looks beautiful.

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Wow! What a beautiful quilt!! You've done a great job... it's massive though!!! Definately be warm under that one!!


I LOVE it! I love the stars. I love how your border goes with the theme. And I love the signatures. I just Love everything about it.


absolutely fabulous!! so full of love!

Alice Grace

Unbelieveably gorgeous! What a great job!


Fabulous! I just adore your photography! Now if the Quilting Mags will just hire you...there is so much inspiration in your photography...showing the fabrics so well...the texture...the details of the print...the STITCHING! wonderful!

As the others have said...LOVE IT!!!

oh and I also LOVE that you sew your name into the border! Great idea...



Wow! I'm so incredibly impressed...and I'm not just saying that to say something nice. It looks so good. Maybe I will give machine quilting another try!


Love it!!!


Oh my! It has turned out FANTASTIC! Wow. ooxx`jodi

Shiree Johnston

my oh my, you have made a stunning job of this, and such lovely quilting, be very proud of your work!

Jen in NY

Siiiiigh! Wow Sarah, your cottage quilt is just beautiful! I went back and re-read your machine quilting tutorial, it's given me the boost I need to do my next big quilt. In fact I've been practicing stippling on placemats etc. Your quilting is perfect, all your curves are so nice and even. I love your choice of border fabric and the stars too.


great job... and don't worry about the M&Ms... it just means you buy another bag... that's what i do!


Ohmygosh -- I LOVE LOVE the way you sashed those blocks. Too Cute! And man-oh-man -- this just might deserve a promotion. You're a thinker, you are. A quilt THAT big will surely cover FOUR!!!

Nanna mary

Your quilt is Gorgeous I just love it.Thanks for the tutorial it is most helpful to me as I am learning.
Hugs Mary.


Wow, that;s an awesome quilt. I had to go get peanut M Ms after your last post - naughty girl tempting me :-).... check this out http://stampsestravels.blogspot.com/ I've just had an e-mail to say he's on his way to USA - maybe you could host him. I'm going to when he's in the UK . Your girls might like it for a bit of fun ?


This is so beautiful quilted like you have done. The tutorial is very much appreciated for I need all the help I can get. Excellent work!

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