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April 29, 2009


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I love a good book review. I dislike buying promising books and being disappointed. Thank you. Great Frenchy bags. I must have been having a "dumb" day when I tried making one. I had to "walk away" from the project.

elizabeth of course

LOVE that book. I make scones almost everyday now. they're quickly becoming an obsession in this house, my boys, my brother and his wife upstairs, my friends, their kids. They're just as yummy with wheat flour and egg whites. I always make a double batch, so one egg and one white. Hey, it cuts a little fat, right?
The frenchy bags look great. Love her stuff.

 sheri howard

I have not heard of that book, I will look for it, thanks for the tip and yes, those fairy buns looks so good! Cute bags!


Oh, I wish this book would be written in German. So it would be so much easier for me to read and to cook all the recipes. :o)
Sabine C.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Cute new bags! I'm glad the baby is still on the mend :)


Oh you did it again Sarah! The Amy Butler bags are to die for! Gorgeous! I know just the person who NEEDS one...or five of this pattern. I better get busy!

Love the book too and also love good recommendations for books. Thanks. Will look for it tomorrow on a shopping trip.

By the way...my latest post is on a ladies luncheon I planned and deco'd. I think you might like the Domesticity of it all!

God bless that sweet little one!


It's a great book isn't it - I borrowed it from our library. I definately think Sweet Cheeks deserves one of your quilts..
Lisa x


I have never heard of Fairy Buns before.. but they sure look good!

And all the bags are terrific. I particularly like your glass door knobs.


Oooh, that fairy bun recipe might finally convince me to buy that book. I've always loved her flapjacks. Your purses are beautiful -- lucky, lucky girls!

UK lass in US

Those bags are gorgeous.

I wonder if that fairy bun recipe is the one I'm looking for. I'll have to look and see if she changed her recipes for the American market.

happy zombie

Fairy Buns... Frenchy Bags... and new blog-do... my eyes want to weep from all the cuteness!!!

Carrie P.

So glad to hear the baby is doing well. Your new book looks like a fun read. Cute bags too.


That book would make a great gift. Yummy fun stuff. Love the bags.


What a wonderful post! The book looks fabulous. And those purses are awesome! ooxx`jodi

Lori holt

I listened very carefully and will run to Barnes and Noble first thing in the morning!

I love the purses. Were they fast and easy? I was wondering if it would be a good project for my sew nite with Kassidy.


Hia Sarah, glad your nephew is recovering. How awful for you all. Love the bags for your daughters. I'm sure they will get a lot of use. Your cupcakes look delicious. I will keep my eye out for the book. Like you I shop on-line for them these days as the high street is so expensive.


Ooo yay! Thanks for the tip...I'll run to the bookstore this evening.

The Frenchy Bags are beautiful...those lucky little girls.


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