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March 09, 2009


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wowie! your tea swap goodies rock! stephanie did a wonderful job and they couldn't have gone to a more deserving partner...yayy for you!


Big smile on my face. :o)

Vicki W

Wow, what nice goodies!


What lovely marvelousness! The button on the bag is perfect and the detailing is so well thougth out. Lovely lady. I'll be on the look out for lavender tea here in the UK.

Ashley Ann

Wow! What a lovely gift/swap package!


oh my! stephanie is the best! i'm feeling a little inadequate right now. enjoy!!!


How wonderful is this???? You are such a lucky girl and Stephanie did an amazing job!
Enjoy everything and lots of fun with it!!!
Sabine T-P xxx


Such wonderful, wonderful gifts from Stephanie!!! I'm definitely feeling like my tea swap partner is going to wish she had Stephanie and not me!!!


OH My.....uh....OH MY.....What FABULOUS goodies you have there. Don't you just think that bag is to die for!!?? You lucky
dog you....Stephanie has such a flair for THE best SURPRISE effect doesn't she!


It amazes me that someone could do all of this. I love everything you received. Everything is just beautiful. I will have to check her blog out.

Carrie P.

I can attest to the fact that Stephanie is the best. She made you the loveliest gifts.

Jane Weston

WOW - what a lovely array of things and treasures ;o)

That tea looks good...we're big fans of Earl Grey, but I've never seen Earl Grey with Lavender.


Lucky Lucky you! I think you're the first person to get their swap. How exciting. I'm super jealous. Lovely things. Stephanie is amazing.


Ooohhh, you did well! What lovely goodies - everything is so nice. I love Lavender Earl Grey, but it's so hard to find. I love that you had a tea party with the girls ☺


Oh my, everything is so beautiful. Enjoy your spot of tea and goodies.


Hi! I found you from another blog and got sucked right in with that gorgeous tea gifty! then I ended up scrollig down- forever- reading all your other posts, I love it! your vintage fabrics are FABULOUS! such fun stuff!


I popped over from Sherri's blog, and oh my gosh. Stephanie certainly has done a wonderful job of spoiling you and making the rest of us swappers feel,, umm like Jacquie said, a little inadequate... Beautiful gifts....


Gosh, it happens over and over again doesn't. The joy bought to us from people we have met through our blogging, such beautiful generous souls. And absolutely stunning gifts, what a kind heart Stephanie has.
The Earl Grey tea sounds lovely.


Wow! Yes.. I echo what Sherri said.. my parnter is going to wish hers was Stephanie and not me.. what a HAUL! There are a lot more than three things in there.. and that bag.. astonishing! Well.. if anyone deserves all that Stephanie Goodness.. it's you. I'm glad you were her partner.. you did a terrific job in showcasing all her lovely work. Your photos are always the BEST!


You deserve to be spoilt, Sarah.

Stephanie, you're amazing! That tote bag is one of the prettiest things I've EVER seen.


What gorgoeus goodies!! What an exciting swap this one has been!!

Lace hearts

Hi! I was pulled over to your blog by the title, as I'm just about to attempt my first quilt, LOL, and not sure I'll manage it! What a wonderful swap package you've received. That bag is very special indeed. x

Amy @ parkcitygirl

How fun!! You scored big time :)


You lucky girl! Stephanie certainly rules. And like some people already said, I too think my partner will also wish she had Stephanie and not me. Anyway, she will know by now that she wasn't the luckiest one.


i was excited for you...just reading this...and looking at the pics.

stephanie...you are amazing!!!
{and irish scones...yum!!!}

how cute that yall had a tea party in your sewing room.

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