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March 23, 2009


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Wow, you sure made me feel like I wanted to join you. Enjoy your spring break. We homeschool too but not this week.



Carrie P.

What a nice and relaxing day. I know you must have giggled the time you were reading that magazine. Thanks for sharing. What exactly is lemon curd?


What a perfect day! Love the old magazine. I keep looking for them in my antique mall but can only find them as old as the 70s and 80s! Well I made scones for dinner tonight. Yes, dinner!


That was a very productive day indeed! Thank you for inviting us in for a spell! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Your post made me feel like I'd enjoyed a bit of your rainy spring day! :) Thanks for the "visit!"

Crazy Creek Quilts

That old magazine is so cool! I'm going to have to keep my eye out for one.



You can't get any better than a day like this. Enjoy while you can. I love the magazine ads. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Isa

What a GREAT post!!! You put a smile on my face! Loved the magazine, loved the pictures, loved it all. Enjoy your break, ours is next week!!!


You made me giggle the whole time! These magazines are absolutely wonderful and the advices in there are to die for! Hehehe...I would love to sit in your lovely cottage, drink a nice cup of tea, eat tons of scones with lemon curd, while sitting under one of your beautiful quilts. Then I have to go in this super sweet bathroom to brush my teeth with hte tooth brush you showed us. Hehehe...
Thanks for showing all these things!!
Sabine T. xxx


Hia Sarah, what a lovely find that magazine was. I am so glad that husbands aren't so domineering these days. When I was staying in an isolated cottage in Ireland, there was one of those curved edge early Frigidaires in the shed- still working! :-) It was lovely to be using a bit of history.

I am amazed at how things like the Ritz crackers still have the same box, yet things like the cornflakes have changed so often in my lifetime.

Well done on the bathroom. I would love to change mine and get rid of the gold taps (have on sink so far) and have a claw foot bath tub in keeping with the age of the house.

Have a great week.


It's amazing how many of those items in your adverts are still around today, G loves Ritz crackers and I couldn't start my day without cornflakes... it took us 4 years to finish our bathroom, well it would be finished if Hub would put the ceiling lights in properly :-). Enjoy your Spring break..
Lisa x


I love the post! Thanks for inviting us into your home. Do you mind if I pick your brain a bit about homeschooling? We are considering it...but have just begun our research. If you don't mind sharing some of your experience with me, I'd appreciate it! You can email me at: mauk.jessica @ gmail.com (remove spaces)Thanks!!

sheri howard

Thanks for sharing your magazine, that was so fun to see!


love the old magazine and I love your bedding. I had seen your post back in Jan (I think) when you got it. We recently (this weekend) painted our room and when I saw your post today with your beautiful linens peaking out -I went to the Cath Kidston Home website and ordered some new bedding for me. I put a post on my blog and linked you too it since you were my inspiration to go the the CK website. Thanks!

white o'morn cottage

What a great post. I have a few mags like that and I love to browse them. The adds are better than the articles!
Your gorgeous pillowcases and your comfy cosy homemaking bring me back to when I was that SAHM. Ah, good ol' days...I'd love to go back to that for a while. Well, I will for the summer as I am a teacher and off from end of May. I so look fowrard to it every year.
Eh, now...I feel a bit sheepish telling you that you won the handmade goodies giveaway on my blog. ..(only because you are such a fab seamstress and my beginner efforts can't compare)... so can you send me your address and I'll get them off to you.
All the best....from Pam in Ireland.


Hey,Sarah. Your brother was one of those chubby babies who dined on pet milk. It was mixed with kero syrup and water. Imagine that! Loved the book, what a hoot.
Love, Mom


I love old magazines. I have quite a collection. Times have certainly changed. Happy Spring Break, I homeschool too. Personally I'm ready for summer to hurry up and get here.


What a wonderful post. Love all those ads from the old magazine. Glad you are enjoying your spring break. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

happy zombie

Rock of Love... NO!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't tell me you're watching Skanks On A Bus. Oh, I actually have no idea what that show is and I'm only guessing they're riding in a STD on wheels motor-home bus. Hey, you suppose they use that toothbrush? Nah.

The ads are a riot and I loved your comments with them. Especially how "It's so fun getting a peek into what it was like for the people who first lived in my house. " I loved that!


This post was so much fun! I feel like a lady of leisure just looking at it! Thanks for sharing all the great old advertisements.


That was such a fun post!!!....so much to read and laugh at...great medicine for today...Thanks.


You're too funny...I also watch that sleaze show, Rock of Love! I first saw last season & laughed a few times, but this season was just plain boring bad...I'm sure he'll be back next season looking for love. lol.
I have several old magazines that have ads that crack me up...I just adore them 'tho...I like to imagine my home & family so neat & perfect like the photos...yeah, right.

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