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February 13, 2009


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Your t-shirt pillows are brilliant! How cute!


Love the tshirt cushion idea! And they sound soooo easy. Thanks so much for sharing this!

♥ xtine

Steffany Wells

I love your site. This entry was a blast to read with the combination of personal pictures and project info. Thanks for sharing!



Ha! That is so funny... I bought the same box and had to stand back as it grew and grew. I quickly shoved it into a closet and just grab handfuls from time to time!

Rachael Rabbit

Lovely smiley post. Think the pillows were a great project to do with the girls. I hope you had a wonderful birthday - by the sounds of it you did ;-)


Happy Belated Birthday. And wow -- that sampler is gorgeous. As are the pillows -- I love the way you finished the edges!

UK lass in US

Happy (belated) birthday. It sounds like a wonderful day - and like you have wonderful friends.

Those t-shirt pillows are a great idea.

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