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February 13, 2009


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I truly believe you are one of the smartest women I know. How do you do it all? By the way, Happy Birthday! I love all of your gifts but especially you getting to relax while the family served you.


Happy birhtday ( a little bit to late...)
I love reading about your life - thanks for charing. Life on the other side of the big ocean is very different from my life. And in another way it´s very much alike...
The t-shirt project was a nice idea - I´m gonna try that.


Happy late Birthday! What a great idea for old, loved t-shirts. Such cute pillows. And that hand! My goodness, that hand! It is truly lovely.


Great idea for much loved t-shirts! Thanks for sharing.


Belated birthday wishes Sarah , glad you had a lovely day and boy you did get some gorgeous pressies, great friends too.. Thats a great T-Shirt idea and so simple - I'll have to remember that one - but you know what I like best of all ,, that little stripy mini wash basket thing beside your sewing machine -- that is just sooo cute.... I posted Freya on the 4th so hopefully she won't be much longer :-). Have a lovely weekend
Lisa x


1st & foremost Happy Belated Birthday! I follow your blog, but very rarely post. I came out of hiding today to say...I LOVE THIS CRAFT! My daughter would just fall in love too. I can't wait to get home from work today because I think she may have a few t-shirts that need to be remolded today!


Happy Birthday! Very lovely gifts. And your girls did a great job on their t-shirt pillows.


Wonderful cushion for two wonderful lttle ladies!!!
And M.T. did an amazing job. This hand is gorgeous. And what a fantastic way to "decorate" the finger rings!
Sabine D. xxx


Wonderful cushion for two wonderful lttle ladies!!!
And M.T. did an amazing job. This hand is gorgeous. And what a fantastic way to "decorate" the finger rings!
Sabine D. xxx


ltte????????? Hehehe....sorry...little!!

The Chocolate Cat

I love these tshirt cushions - I can see some of these happening at my home very soon! What beautiful presents you got - that sampler is wonderful. Have you decided whether to frame it??

Carrie P.

First let me say Happy Birthday! I have one this month two but a little older. Homeschool crafts, Awesome!!! I loved homeschooling my kids too. Love the gifts too. Your house is full of love.


This was a wonderful project....great idea you had!!!


Just came across your blog. You are so funny!! I was really enjoying you making pillows. I'll have to try that sometime. And the poly-fill. I know what your talking about. The first time i opened on of those boxes and then opened the bag and it grew. LOL

Thanks for making my day.

Blessings Pam

Anne Donald

Super idea with the cushions - I have t-shirts from quilt shows that I don't wear - now I know what to do with them! And as for the hand .... what a beautiful gift and a beautiful way to display your rings. The sampler looks wonderful worked in blue - I think one of those will have to go on my to-do list (which is probably about twenty pages long by now) Regards from a cold and snowy Scotland, Anne


You are ever so clever. Bet your girls had a blast with this project. I am assuming that you made the fabric hanger that the t-shirt is hanging on. Do you sell those or have a tutorial for them?


Sounds like you had a very nice birthday! Very good....don't you love how good we are at wishing each other Happy Birthday? Ahhh good times. :) You should e-mail me the girls shirt sizes....in case I need to exchange their Christmas presents....which may never get to you since they are supposed to be going down with Mom. :)

Jane Swanson

I adore the T-shirt pillows and like you, I love homeschooling!

That ceramic hand is gorgeous!
And Happy belated Birthday!



A belated Happy Birthday Sarah!
What a great idea with the t-shirts. They both look wonderful. And, fun to do.
Sabine - your sampler is very beautiful. You are an incredibly talented and kind lady.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Alice Grace

Great idea for those t-shirts. They will probably love those for a very long time! Happy belated birthday! What a loving family you all are.


Happy happy birthday! My heart would be full too! That sampler is breathtaking!

Love the tutorial on the shirts. We certainly have some outgrown ones around here.

The box of poly-fil? I could have used that back in the days when I made each of my kids a little chair. Have you seen those? I had to buy 20 bags or something like that to stuff them.


you and your girls have so much fun together...they will remember these times forever...☺...i would so wear oldest daughter's tee - how cool is that...yummy gifts, too...happy birthday!

p.s. please go to my blog and see my boo doing her abc's...you always leave such sweet comments about my grandkids...this one is killer cute...you will love it...♥


shoot! second time leaving a comment...won't take for some reason?

you and your girls have such special times together...they will remember them forever...and great gifts...happy birthday! ☺

p.s. please go to my blog to see my boo saying her abc's...you always leave such kinds comments about my grandkids...this one is killer cute...you will like it...♥


Happy Birthday!
What a fantastic idea for the t-shirts. They came out great and I've linked to your tutorial from my blog. Thanks so much for sharing!


That is such a fabulous idea! School where you get to make pillows...what an amazing learning experience! I'll be linking. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here's to many more crafty years!

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