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February 20, 2009


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Hi! I just started reading your blog - Love it! I just wanted to say that I recognize the monopoly game you have. My mom has the exact version, and she recieved hers in 1981 as a wedding gift! :)


The cat is hysterical...I won't put it past one of mine to pull that trick one of these days.


Oh Sarah, that is amazing! All the treasures you have found!
And the poor princess, I love her black "finger nails! They look so elegant, hehehe....
Lots of fun with all your lovely goodies!
Sabine B


That is quite the motherload! I can't believe you found so much great stuff!!! And I can't wait to see what you do with the quilts.


WOW! Well I think you should sew rick rack around the edge of those beautiful blocks...turn it under and applique them and make a gorgeous quilt. Funny about the monopoly...I have mine from childhood and my mom just sent me my Yahtzee game.


i'm not sure i can stand much more goodness in one post. that mixer is to die for.


gorgeous finds you got yourself -- we have a litter tray too but never had it filled with paper lol.. I'm getting a bit concerned that Freya hasn't arrived yet ?
lisa x

Mary on Lake Pulaski

The post was NOT too long. I so enjoyed looking at everything. So, you're saying...things like this REALLY DO show up in thrift stores? I must never be in the right place at the right time. So glad you were. And that you share. Thank you.


this was a "wonderfully" long post! so many treasures! maybe you could make some pillows with the circle pieces? and that mixer! i imagine the aprons were worn by grandmas making cookies!!
p.s. the puppy pics are fabulous too.


Oh wow, what a great find! I know you were on cloud nine. I have a couple of old tablecloths that were my mothers. They used to be displayed, but I have put them away, as they are pretty fragile. I can remember when they were on the kitchen table. Think they were from the 50's. Thanks for posting all the pictures. They were delicious.


What wonderful finds! I think you're puppy needs her own little home. There's a great online dog bed tutorial - I've made quite a few and my dogs (and cats) love them. And you can use any fabric you like!

As for the dresden plates, have you seen Mrs. Schmenkman's ric rac tutorial? You could do that with them and then make a quilt (of course, lol). Or even some table runners with them would be great.


Wow! What a great birthday treasury. I love the mixer, I do, I do! ~Kelly


Oh what's not to love? I adore aprons and wear them all the time. I also love the table runner...oh heck I love it all!

Carrie P.

Thanks for sharing your treasures. They are lovely.


I love all the treasures! You inspire me to decorate with vintage items. Love hearing about Rosie and Mr. Precious. Beautiful pictures, too.


I loved all of it!!!


I am coming to your town! I NEVER find goodies like this; I am so envious! Thanks for sharing ALL the pics; my family had a puppy like yours when I was young - they are so sweet!


I am coming to your town! I NEVER find goodies like this; I am so envious! Thanks for sharing ALL the pics; my family had a puppy like yours when I was young - they are so sweet!


I got so nostalgic looking at your wonderful shopping trip! I love the old linens. I have some from my family and some I purchased at garage sales or antique malls. I once found a piece of fabric that was exactly the same as the curtains my mom made in 1948! That is a treasure! The quilt top is fabulous and I can't wait to see what you do with the round blocks!


Loving it all!

How 'bout putting the "candy" quilt circles in a HOOP like your others!

Love this blog!

Jane Swanson

Did you know my kitchen walls are about to be painted the exact color of that mixer? And I have red mixed in with it all as well? Love everything about this post. Your treasures are so fun!


What a wonderful post! I love the old quilt and blocks - what a find!

Hope you had a really wonderful birthday.


Ahahaha! Your cat made my day! That was too funny how he put it in his litter box. Mine never just unroll the toilet paper neatly like that- they feel they have to shred it, too.

I am enormously jealous of your finds! The quilt top is so pretty and I love the Dresden plate circles. I think they want to be in a quilt! Some of those aprons are just drool-worthy.


you have the most amazing quilt luck! those pieces and that top are amazing. i dream about having finds like this and it has never happened, not yet at least!


Holy Cow -- you have amazing radar. What fantastic finds! I LOVE that old blue mixer. And the paper towels in the litter are hysterical!!!

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