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February 04, 2009


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How gorgeous. WOW!! What a rich family heritage you have just in that quilt...and it is pretty too!!

If quilts could talk.......


Wow, what a find! I would be so excited too!


absolutely breathtaking! i am breathing into a paper bag as i type...☺...


OH.WOW. I am crying and looking right above my computer. where I have my grandma's Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt on the wall. I'm comparing fabrics, there are two that are similar in differing colors! COOL! Love it. Mine here has a peachy orange fabric in between each...


What a find. How exciting. Your Grandmother will be tickled pink at the fact that you are finishing for her and such a privilege to be able to do it.


Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing!! The fabrics are so neat. My tummy was flip flopping seeing all those fabrics.

Janae Runyon

I read your blog and yes tears did drop onto my keyboard. My dear mother passed away on January 13th. As I sorted through her things this week I have run across several unfinished projects. Just this morning I was feeling overwhelmed so I gathered most of them and put them into a box to be thrown away.

I'm so glad I read you blog today. I think I will just close up the box with a note about its contents taped to the side. Someday maybe I or a granddaughter will come across these unfinished projects and feel the love and excitement you felt at your grandmothers.

Thank you for sharing. It was a tender mercy on a blue day for me. What I had decided was going to be rubbish has now become a treasure!


Michele C

It is beautiful! It looks like it is in perfect condition as well.


To absolutely die for gorgeous! A very special quilt indeed.


I had to remind myself to keep breathing while looking at the pictures. OH MY GOODNESS! that is so so so amazing :) Thanks for sharing.


That is a very lovely quilt top. I hope you will be hand quilting this. What a wonderful keepsake.


It is amazing. I am thrilled for you!!! What a blessing. And, I noticed it's hand sewn!!! Please, tell me you are going to hand quilt this.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Wow. You are so blessed to have come across this with your grandmother. It made me feel so lucky to look through the pictures of each fabric and be amazed. THANK YOU so much for sharing this. It is truly a piece of art and a family keepsake.

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

That is amazing!!! How funny that your grandma has had it in the cupboard all these years and it's never come up in conversation!!! What awesome memories with all the different fabrics. Did she remember any of the fabrics? AWESOME!


Oh goodness. I really did have tears looking at this. How very beautiful! To think that your great, great grandmother pieced the top and you get to quilt it. I know your grandma will treasure it. I could just sit and look at your pictures for hours. Thank you for sharing this very special project with us. I will keep checking back to see how you are coming.


It is gorgeous! I my got teary when you wrote about finishing the quilt for your grandmother-"started by her grandmother and completed her granddaughter"!

Each fabric is as beautiful as the next. What a treasure!

Can't wait to see it completed.

Ginny Worden

Wow, how lucky to have a piece of personal history in your sewing room, a piece as a quilter you truly admire and appreciate.I would hate to think this might have been discarded because no one understood the value of this treasure. Enjoy !


Such a gorgeous treasure! I'll even bet your dear great great grandmother may even be smiling down on you, pleased as punch that her beautiful quilt is going to be finished at long last.


Holy Crap!!! I had to stick my whole head into a giant paper grocery sack! That's AWESOME -- you lucky, lucky girl!!!


What an utterly fantastic quilt top!! Lucky you -- what a treat that will be to work on. I hope you show us more pictures!


This is beautiful! It inspires me to dig out my greatgrandmother's, gma flower garden blocks. I must have over a hundred of them! I sleep under one of the quilts as well. I look forward to seeing and hearing more about this quilt. ~Kelly


Unbelievably beautiful. You're a lucky girl!


Oh WOW. What an amazing quilt and how fantastic that you are going to finish it for your grandmother. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I can tell you are going to enjoy this project.


OMG!!!! What a GORGEOUS treasure!!!! Oh I can't wait for you to finish it and show us! Wow, the family heritage-I bet your grandmother will love having this beauty finished and can display it! Very cool....I hope you make a gorgeous label for it so your family will always have the awesome history behind it! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy being close to your great great grandmother- how cool is that!!!!! :)

Carrie P.

Awesome!! Thanks for showing us all the different fabrics. Wish I could see up close and personal too.

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