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December 14, 2008


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So beautiful!!!!!!!!
Rosie makes me giggle! She is such a princess.
Sabine N.


We got our first dusting of snow, too! I'm up in the Puget Sound area (can't remember where you are, but OR sticks in my mind). I'm originally from the midwest, so it cracks me up how our whole town panics when we get snow flurries! Our plows come out when it rains hard "just in case" and businesses, schools, EVERYTHING shuts down! People: its a little bit of snow!! Enjoy it, don't be scared!!! hahahah! Enjoy your snow. Happy Holidays!


lovely pics Sarah, one of them is just like your post from March 31st, nice to see that cute little window again... our city doesn't even know what a snow plough is , when we get snow everything stops full stop :-). Poor Rosie, least she had her coat on..
lisa x


How lucky you are to have such snow. Here, in Belgium, it's been a loooooooooong time since we got snowy winters. So thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures that make me still hoping for a White Christmas.


Rosie is so cute! I love that the plows are out, we're lucky if they get out early after a snow storm here


What great pictures! I live in Vermont - I love the snow. I cannot imagine not having snow during the Winter. Enjoy it while you can! I have a friend who has a real small dog and has to shovel snow in the yard for the poor dog to go do his business!


Carrie P.

Snow!! I love snow and your pictures are so beautiful. I like the one with the Christmas lights on the house. So glad to see Rosie wearing her jacket.


I was reading your captions of Rosie to my husband who commented that if you were waiting for a stubborn doxie, you were going to wait a long time. Great pictures (although I don't like snow except in pictures).

happy zombie

Are you like me? No dogs, no kids... no one goes out in snow until AFTER I take photos! So cute how Rosie has her little clear spot. Too cute!

Your cute little town looks just like my little cute town. Too bad our towns are three hours apart and not next door to each other!

Melanie O.

Really cute story! However, not only do I laugh that your plows were out for such a small amount of snow, I will also chuckle at the size of your, well, you call them plows ;) Our plow trucks would eat yours for breakfast! (I'm in Milwaukee) Have fun with your snow while it lasts, and maybe we can send you some when yours melts!

elizabeth of course

I love your whole long sentence paragraph! haha! And I love the french toast reference. my little brother says that all the time!


What beautiful blues in the snow pics. My hounds are like that about rain, or strong wind. One of them loves snow for all of 5 minutes then she wants to sit back in front of the fire. :-) What a lovely morning thanks for sharing.


So fun and pretty! I laughed when I saw the pic of Rosie with her leg up -- I wondered if Rosie is a male dog with a girly name(think Rosie Greer!)

Karen B

i love your neighborhood!
and Mr. Moustache.


I LOVE Snow! Here, it will be 75 tomorrow...ugh.

BEAUTIFUL photos..takes me right there for the sheer pleasure of the moment! ;)

Mr. Moustache must be looking for a "mouse"...looks just like two kitties I have owned..one named Riley and the other Ralph(ie).

Sweet Rosie...glad you were prepared with a jacket for her...and your girls cute cute Polka dot boots and mittens.


That is just so funny. beautiful pictures.. and I don't believe I've ever seen anyone have so much fun with 2 inches of snow before. :-D

Alice Grace

What a cute post about Rosie and Mr. Mustache! I would love to see that much snow, and that is sometimes possible here in North Georgia, (but I have not seen a snow plow around when we do!, just trucks dropping sand or something) as we are not far from the mountains. When I lived in Connecticut, we had snow very often, tho and I loved it. Thanks for this lovely look into your world!


I just found your blog the other day and I love it. Everything speaks directly to me, even your dog. I have 2 daschunds. We loved our first one so much, I had to get another one. I just finished reading all of your blogs...I think I'll start over and read them again.....


Such beautiful photos!! And sweet princess
Rosie is so sweet, what an experience for her and your girls looked like they had a ball....snowball that is :-)!

Lisa W

Poor Rosie. Who can blame her?

And Mr. Mustache. Laptops make poor substitutes for laps!

Looks like a fun evening :)


I love where you live. Gorgeous pix, pretty pup, typical cat...lol

kerri  at provincial patch

Magic. It really looks like Christmas over there. In Australia it is normally really hot in the high 30.C but t the moment it is raining and its in its middle 20.C. To have snow at the back door would be amazing. Have a great christmas.


OH! A snowball fight at your house too! I grew up in snow country and for a lot of years thought I could live without snow forever. Nope, not anymore. Isn't this fun. Snuggle in, they say more's coming...


lovely pictures and a wonderful memory! we maybe get a few inches of snow every 5 or 6 or 10 years now in south louisiana tho' a few places did last week(not down the bayou). it was beautiful to see pictures of new orleans. i don't think anyone around owns a snowplow!!

Rachael Rabbit

I'm so jealous you have snow already!! Your photo story is really lovely to look at. (Tell Rosie our little pooch doesn't like getting his paws wet either!)

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