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November 07, 2008


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is there anything you can't do? your drawing is fabulous! and little miss rosie's bed is great! good job! can't wait to move in.....


I'm sitting here smiling & with a little tear in my eye...I grew up with a (wire haired) dachshund - she passed away 4 years ago and everytime I see dachshunds I want to have her back...and your Rosie is more than adorable...such a beautiful dog and from the pictures I guess she is a 'cheeky-monkey', too. Thanks for sharing ;o)
Cheers, Julia
P.S.: you're such a talented woman, I love your quilts & your sketches are great!


Awwww, Rosie looks so comfy & adorable on her new bed. Your drawing is wonderful, please keep sharing with us.

Jenna Z

Awww, too cute!! She's not skinny, she's svelte! We keep Sully pretty thin for all the sports he competes in and people always say "Gosh, don't you feed him? I've never seen a corgi so thin!" Well, that's only because people keep their dogs TOO FAT! She looks great and so does your drawing, wow!


I need to make one of those for my dog. Your little dog seems to love it. He is a cutie.


Yay!!! I love Rosie's new bed.. it is perfect for her and for your house. She is a good girl.
You had the same thing we did at our house. It lasted three weeks. Glad you are feeling beter!

Sipiweske Quilts

What a lucky, skinny pup! A new bed and belly rubs too. Your drawing is wonderful . . . don't you find it so relaxing? Time just seems to disappear and then you have to surface to the real world after awhile. Why is it that those enjoyable parts of our lives seem to get pushed aside? Glad you have found the time to start again - the drawing looks wonderful. - Marlene

Lisa W.

Such adorable photos! She is a skinny gal.


Our Samantha was also thin but oh so healthy: we miss her. and you are a very talented artist. Do how long will it be before we see a drawing of Rose?


That is soooooo cute! She's adorable!



Hello you super-talented woman!!! The drawing is great and makes me want to see more!!!!
And RosieĀ“s bed looks so comfortable, what a great idea to sew it from jeans.
Anything you start with becomes sooo nice and beautiful.
Hope everyone is feeling better and you will have a very nice weekend!
Sabine P.O.P. xx


Definately multi talented - something I've never been able to do is draw. Rosie looks all comfy snuggled next to your fire. Hope you better soon.
Lisa x

Claire Hilton

Hi Sarah
Just surfed in from quilting bloggers love all your quilts & the dog bed...Ive made my dog jack a new quilt just got to put the binding on hope you can pop in to visit me at my blog :0 we can have a cuppa

Connie W

Your drawing is wonderful. Excellent!


great idea for a dog bed and that drawing is super!!


Cute bed! My dog is too picky - i don't think that she would sleep on jeans. She doesn't even like to sit on my lap if I'm wearing jeans. LOL But she's NOT spoiled. The drawing is fabulous!


My first creativity was also drawing an then I discovered quilting. I have also been wishing lately I could get back to some drawing with pencil and paper (although my work is not nearly as good as yours, I don't do portraits well). You have inspired me to give it a go again. Thanks, and the dog bed came out so good. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and love all the pictures of the quilts and other things that you post. Terry


Rosie's bed is great! It's sure a good way to use up those old jeans. You are really talented with the art work! That is something that you can do anywhere, too. I have a friend who carries a notebook around with him and when he is just sitting somewhere, he draws. I hope you keep doing it, now that you are getting back into it again. That is a talent that you are born with and should be used.


Rosie is sooo cute. I had a cutie just like here in a former life but he stayed with his daddy. I love the bed. I might just have to try my hand at that. Got lots of jeans around that I can't wear anymore.

The Chocolate Cat

They are gorgeous photos of Rosie and what a beautiful new bed for her. Think she might be a little spoilt!!
Wow ! You are so talented with your drawing, so glad you have decided to get back into it.


That bed looks perfect for your sweet doggy.

As for the drawing....it is beautiful...you are extremely talented.


Just discovered your blog and have had a lovely time reading back through your archives. Your quilts are lovely and you take amazing photos. Love Rosie's bed ... has given me some ideas for one for my Molly.

Alice Grace

How sweet! Looks like your dog knew all the time you were making that bed for her! Your drawing is fabulous! What a great gift you have! You should use it more often.

Carrie P.

Rosie is such a sweet puppy. Keep on drawing. You are blessed with such a talent. Don't let it go to waste.


What a cute puppy. I got my cottage blocks today. I am so pleased....

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