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November 26, 2008


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Missy Ann

I would have fought you for those towels. I adore embroidered tea towels, I have a set with kittens in my to-do pile.


You hit the jackpot on those darling towels. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


I share your love for embroidered flour sack dish towels! I have bought and made my share of them to keep and to give away. Yours are adorable! You can never have too many...kind of like quilts!


You are a real treasure -hunter!!!!!
Lucky girl you! The bunny-story is fantastic!! It made me smile. Thanks for that!!
Have a nice Thanksgiving and all the best to the family.
Sabine B. xxxx

PS: The ornaments look a bit C. Kidston -like, soooo cute!!!!!


Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! Am going a deep green shade of enviolity. Sigh... Well done you :-)


Firstly Happy Thanksgiving - hope you all have a great day. Love the embroidered rabbits , so cute
Lisa x


you are hilarious...love the flour sack towels! naughty bunny is my favorite...=)...and the ornaments? terribly kitschy in a terribly WONDERFUL way! happy thanksgiving! =)

Jane Swanson

Oh my! Those embroidered flour sack towels are the buy of the century. Tell your benefactor that I will buy a set from her if she has any left!!!! Seriously!!!
~jane swanson


What wonderful flour sack towels. You did hit the jackpot.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

The tea towels are gorgeous! Not so sure about the kitschy decorations though but I'm glad they make you laugh!

Lucy xx


Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my I would've been like you over those cute bunny stitcheries. They are probably irreplacable!

Faberge-esque eggs! Such a sweet idea.


Well we certainly got our dollar's worth for those little egg ornaments, didn't we?? :-) You did a wonderful job photographing and describing all the cute little details. People just pass those things up, and see what fun they missed!

The towels.. Hilarious! And what a steal. I bet the grandma who made them was smiling the whole time.
Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. and congratulations on your new Etsy shop!


Oh, I just about squealed with delight when I saw your bunny tea towels. They are gorgeous. And, I love your story about the naughty little bunny!
Take care,


Such wonderful treasures.

And imagine how happy you made the sellers.

How happy it must have made them to have someone love what they made.



I love all of your goodies! I also love the star block below. It is beautiful. I will have to try that. Happy Thanksgiving!

Alice Grace

oh my you have found TREASURES! How wonderful! Love the embroidered bunny family!


I love those towels! I wonder where she got the pattern? I have *one* on my blog today that took me plenty of time. A set would take me forever!

The eggs are so great. Love the close-ups!


what a find...the embroidery is wonderful


what a find...the embroidery is wonderful


what a find...the embroidery is wonderful


This reminds me of an old fashioned bazaar find like my mom and the women at church used to do. I love the embroidered towels. LOVE. Not only are then hand embroidered. But they are done sooo incredibly well. All lovely stuff. I wish I could have been there.

Carrie P.

Oh! I would have snatched those towels up lightening fast too. They are adorable. Love your other treasures too.


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