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November 18, 2008


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this must have took you ages - the star is gorgeous , as are the fabrics - you make it look so easy
lisa x


Oh! I just love stars! Can't wait to try making this star block and thank you for posting all the pics to go with the instructions. We quilters are visual learners you know...

BTW even though I've been quilting for many years I don't recognize this star block. Does it have an actual name??

Jane Weston

That's a really pretty block...Thanks for the tutorial!


Oh my , how beautiful, you are right I would never try to make that block, but after seeing your tutorial, I think I may give it a whirl after the Holidays, I also need to get my cottages in order. I am also going to look into getting a new plate, that is why I always use a start and stop scrap of fabric, one so I do not have all the threads hanging and two, so they do not get sucked in. Butr I really like the plate. thank you so much!

Jennifer from NY

Beautiful! Such lovely fabrics, as always. Your tutorial is great, I can't wait to make this star! I love star quilts too.

I see your etsy shop is open! Yaay! Think I'll mosey on over there...



I love this block. I am very partial to stars also. Almost every quilt I make has some kind of star pattern. You would think by now my points would be getting better but they arent. I don't sweat the small stuff though.

Karen in IN


that is a gorgeous star. love the fabrics you've chosen too! great job on the tut!!


I love this star block too. You did a great job on the tutorial and your fabric choices...just perfect. Thanks for sharing!


Such a beautiful star block. I love it!!!
Thanks for the tutorial and telling about the straight stitch plate! I'll try to find one for my Pfaff.


Thank you soo much for sharing this great tutorial - I love this block & I think I make my first mini-quilt {just recently decided that I have to have a mini wall quilt for the wall beside my desk}.
- Julia

Carrie P.

I like that star block a lot. Thanks for the instructions. Pretty fabric choices too.

Sunny Hemphill

Hi, I am really impressed with your blog, which I just found today. I've been going back through your archives and I have to ask .... where do you buy the incredible fabric I see in your posts? Moda I can find, but the other things .... the gorgeous stuff you made into hankies and the little grasshoppers playing pool. I am a total fabric freak, obsessive and compulsive both and have a stash that is way, way more than I can use. But that's ok. I'm finding new ways to use it all the time. I quilt, mostly art quilts and useful ones to donate to the children's hospital. But, I crave that fabric that you turned into hankies. And the grasshoppers. And.... where did you buy these and does the shop have an online store?


I can see why it's your favorite. The block is beautiful and I love your choice of fabrics!


I love that star...will definitely try one


I love that star...will definitely try one


I LOVE this blog! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful crafts..and the photos on HOW TO! I am a self taught Quilter and relish any helps I can get. I don't have a reliable quilt shop nearby with lessons.

I look forward to making this Star block and more lessons.

THANK YOU!!! for giving your time..and the enjoyment of your humor as well.

Deb in AZ

Beautiful star, does it have a name? How about Beautiful Star?
Thanks for sharing!
ps: as someone else mentioned- it would be nice to see the back so we know which way to press :)


WOW. That's a beautiful block. Thank you for sharing it and the clear instructions!

happy zombie

WHat a fantastic block! Beautiful tutorial, Sarah!


I love the star and the tutorial..I have SO much to learn...Thanks,thanks,thanks!


Thank you so much for this tutorial! I'll have a go!


Oooh! I love stars too! This is a great looking one- love the colors you chose! Thanks for sharing. BTW great tutorial!

Miss Jean

Oh, I love the star block! I also love the fabrics you chose. Do you know the name, etc. that is on the selvage of the third one from the bottom in the picture showing them stacked (your second picture)? Your directions are great for seasoned quilters and newbies, also. Can't wait to see the whole quilt made.

Suz K

beautiful star and excellent instructions! thank you for sharing.


What a great tutorial and a gorgeous star block. I love the fabrics second and third from the bottom, what is the range? I'm always looking out for that color without luck.

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