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November 18, 2008


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This is fantastic. The design is great and so is the tutorial. Thank you for sharing. You have the best fabrics. I love them. Really I think they are so amazing. So are you!


what a wonderful block and wonderful tutorial! thank you...i am so making some of these! =)

Debbie Daily

I worked at a quilt shop a million years ago...but I was not a quilter. I taught doll making, home dec, clothing....but I really have the bug to begin learning to quilt and I LOVE your star pattern!!! I played with your coffee cozy idea and love that...though I need major lessons in binding 101!!! LOL
Thanks for your fun blog and all the great inspiration!!!


It is great block! what a great tutorial~! lots of work! I love the coffee cozies!! Gotta make one!


Oh my goodness, how beautiful! I can't believe that you are already working on my birthday present! You are the best! Seriously now....I think I am ready to attempt that block Thanks to you! It's only been 6 years since I first loved that one! Take care my friend. MT

Missy Ann

Awesome post. Thanks for the tip about the plate, I'll be near my sewing shop tomorrow and I'll pop in and see if they have one.

Two things I wish you had included in your post, a pic of the back side so we could see "press to the dark". And tips on accurate cutting. Everyone always stresses how important accurate cutting is, but tips on how to be accurate seem to be few & far between. (cutting is my biggest issue...)

Love your blog & how encouraging you are to this noob. lol


Lovely, lovely. What a great block.


That's a BEAUTIFUL block!!!


I absolutely love your favorite star block, maybe because I am such a 9-patch lover! Thanks so much for the tutorial--I can't wait to make it!

another amy

Your blog is always eye-candy for me. This is a cool star- I have never seen it before! Thanks for the lesson. And as always, I love your fabric choices.


So impressed!!!!
You know what I´m going to do this afternoon...hehehe...
Thanks for showing and explaining it to us!
Big hugs,
Sabine A. xx

PS: Bad words? What bad words are you thinking of? Hehehe....


You can't imagine how this star made me happy !
All about it : the berry colors, the light back ground, the beautiful star shape...sigh...can't get enough of it !
I'm not (yet) a quilter, but this star is something I would like to give a try sometime.
Thank you so much for the detailed explanations and pictures, and for this beautiful star !


I am for sure going to make this block. Thanks so much for sharing it. Not only did you explain it well but it is just so beautiful to look at. I love your fabric choices and how you used them.


Beautiful fabric and love the block. But I never knew about the stitch plate. I've often had fabric sucked into the neverland you speak of! I'll be asking at my sewing shop today...off to buy more bobbins.


I love stars too. Did you mention what size the block finishes at? I'm too lazy to do the math! Very pretty block.


Thank you very much! Great tutorial!


This was a wonderful tutorial. Beautiful star!!


Is this the star that I saw on a quilt in a camper? I'm thinking it was your camper??? If not, it's a coincidence. Anyway, I was trying to figure out HOW jsut by the photo. Thanks so much...This would make a great center for a wallhanging if you don't have time to do a whole quilt...add a few borders and VOILA! GORGEOUS! How about Christmas metallics...?

Thanks again!


What a sweetheart you are to post this for all the new and wanna-be quilters out in blogland. I know this took time to put this together and take the photos. Very kind. Congrats on opening your new Etsy shop. I wish you great success!

Also, I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy seeing the fabrics you pick out. In your banner and the stack you picked out for this tutorial...they all seem to speak the same language to me....warm and very cozy, as well as, soothing to the eye and the soul. It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog. Thanks, Sarah!


Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I have to try quilting!


that's a great block!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Such a great star block! I love the curves that are actually straight lines. How big is the completed block?


Excellent tutorial! I now have a name for my stingy-itis with the thread- "Chain piecing" must remember that. :-)

It is a beautiful star -worthy of a Bethlehem scene. Thank you so much for sharing.


PRETTY! I can see why it's your favorite. I'll be linking.


Wonderful tutorial for a beautiful star block. Thank you! I will try it.

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