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November 11, 2008


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I´ll be there, wait a minute....
Thanks again for showing all these beautiful areas in Orgeon!! Lovely...
Sabine A. xx

Sipiweske Quilts

What a lovely drive! You've got some nice photos there. I also like your fabric and buttons . . . what's it going to be? - Marlene


my, what a beautiful place you live!! I want stormy days like that! It's the main reason I would want to live in a place like Oregon. Although, we get nice snowy days here that are perfect for organizing fabric. :)


Thanks for taking us along on your drive!
Have I told you lately how much I like your camera?


lovely pics , looking forward to seeing what you are making, pondering what it could be..
lisa x


What a wonderful day! I loved the ride. Thanks for inviting me along.


What a gorgeous drive, and what a beautiful area in which you live! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Elizabeth

What a beautiful drive! Do you mind my asking where in Oregon you live? I live in Eureka, CA and am driving up through Crescent City over to 199? I believe? into Medford and down to Ashland! The scenery you posted looks SO familiar and fantastic, thanks for sharing!!!


Oh, your pictures made me so homesick. I was born and raised in Oregon but have lived away from there for all of my adult life: IL, KY, AL, FL, AL. You are so lucky!!

Melanie O.

Great post! I felt like I was right there, in the car! Such beautiful scenery - you are very lucky!


Hi, I enjoyed reading about your day, it was wonderful!
Warm regards from the Netherlands,


I miss living in Oregon but we have lots of great barns in Ohio. I want a barn door for a new headboard. Funny thing...when I got to the end of your blog inviting me in for tea...I'm drinking my favorite tea from my favorite mug. A good day! Tea, fabric, and books. What else do you need...well maybe food and certainly good friends to share it all with.


I loved this. I felt like I was right in the car looking out at all of the things you saw. I could almost taste that slurpee!


what lovely fall pictures....


what lovely fall pictures....


what lovely fall pictures....

Niki :)

Beautiful pics! Arizona looks nothing like that. I wish we had trees, and the 4 seasons :(
Blog hugs!

Connie W

Ooh, great photos...I really enjoyed the drive with you!


I grew up in Oregon and this post took me on a little trip back. Just beautiful.

I love your blog. I followed a link over to that quilt behind your couch. It's absolutely gorgeous!

I invite you to join in on Fridays for my "Finished for Friday" if you have projects to share.

Carrie P.

Love your pictures. It reminds of North Carolina today. That is the kind of weather we are having today. I like this kind of weather too. Time to go applique!


I would love to come to your house for a cup of tea because you live in such a cozy little home. Surrounded by all your lovely quilts, your cute little Rosie, and your new little fireplace, it would be warm and comfortable after being out in the drizzling rain. I visited Cannon Beach a few years ago....and your pictures reminded me of the beautiful state you live in. Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah.


That drive was most interesting! I will probably never get to Oregon in reality but great to visit via cyberspace!


I love your photos - I wish I could take pictures like that.

Jon D.

Hello! I like your pictures! I found them when searching google for "raining oregon." I happen to live in Oregon. :-)

I send out a regular e-newsletter to my friends and family and I would like to use one of your pictures in it. Specifically, this one: http://anyonecanquilt.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54ffa175d8834010535eb9758970c-500wi

Would you email me back and let me know if that is alright?

I would be happy to link the picture to this blog post or to your site!

Let me know your thoughts.

God Bless!

Jon in Oregon

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